Such a disappointment

The title says it all, all these bad reviews will stick on the name of the game and not on the name of publisher who is at fault here due to their incompetence at doing their job.

This is just really sad to be honest, this game deserved a better publisher.
And no, please stop harassing/flaming Community Managers, they are only here to deliver our messages back and front so there is a stable communication.
Amazon Gaming’s Leadership should go manage something else because they are not capable and worth of taking a chance on a big brand like this.

My biggest hope towards AGS is that they get some professionalism lessons and being more serious towards their jobs against their customers.

You guys LACK DECISION MAKING, my little niece who plays fortnite would take more sensible decision regarding the server managements.




Nobody pays attention to launch reviews. They are always mixed. I mean when FFXIV’s new expansion Endwalker released in December, there were also tons of terrible reviews. In the end it doesn’t matter, because everyone could tell that the expansion itself is great.

This will be the same, in a few weeks the queues will settle down and anybody who reads “I couldn’t play at launch” in a review will just ignore it.

If you are worried about reviews, just wait until more people start getting to endgame. Mostly positive won’t stay, I can guarantee it. I love the game, but the western playerbase isn’t THAT into Korean f2p games with tons of microtransactions.


Still, it dosn’t change the fact that they are in the fault here.
People used to say the same for Acti-Blizz, and we all know what happened in the end.
We are not talking about indie companies who lack both resources and manpower, this will definetely damage the game’s reputation even if you don’t think so.

With this game it will be same what happen to New World, good idea, but publisher and server holder is SHIT.

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Yeah that or it will plumet the population and you will play with a mini pop , like you know another sucess story from amazon games maybe you know the name.

Except New World idea was shit… But you all aren’t ready to hear that yet.

I mean, this is all just speculation either way. But imo, people who leave because of queues weren’t going to stay in the first place. Especially in this game.

Start working in tech and make a difference i guess. As a a dev ops. engineer i can tell you that it’s not that easy to predict things like these.

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I don’t think any corporation would make big spending decisions during the weekend unless actual billions of potential losses were involved.

You have a point of course. The argument, however, is: You don’t launch on Friday. Just no.

Guys the good thing: Its a free to play game. Bad things happen: Dont pay money.

Problem is the leadership at AGS has no clue about the traffic a game like LA can bring.

Still personally I feel the hype will die down eventually as Korean f2p mmorpgs are very grindy. Several will leave after witnessing the grind.

Many might be waiting for games like Elden Ring to release and kill time. So maybe in a month the servers will settle down. The game will then be a nice place to be.

However, i don’t think it will die like New World. I played the RU version for 6 months and LA is an amazing game.

Actually that is totally wrong, i have multiple of friends who really want to play this game and paid for it but since they weren’t able to login at all due to prime time queues they decided to not give it a chance.

Imagine, there is a restaurant that serves the world’s best dishes, but everytme you close a reservation it gets cancelled the last second, would you wait for that dish again and again?
I hope that makes sense.

Anecdotal evidence. Both my opinion and your opinion can’t be supported by anything else.

Do your friends not have experience with MMOs? I’d basically not be able to play any MMO at all if I cared about queues on launch.

Either way, I get the frustration, I do. I don’t think that any of this will have as much of an effect on the game’s future as some expect. Because… it’s normal… Not good, but expected.

Ofcourse, but the main problem is not the queues here as i also stated in my post.

They are making decisions that step over their older ones and cause a big ruckus for no reason.
They have no explanation why they decided to lock the servers and then open them after 5 hours the release.
They have no explanation for dupes, for market errors, and many multiple other errors.

There is no perfect world where mistakes dosnt exist but when they keep happening again and again, then you start asking for the reasons of those mistakes.

Yes, squeenix had anticipated it since an absolutely massive wave of players started quite a few months before the expansion. They had been trying to upgrade their servers for over a year but even trying to pay way above the standard market value they could not get any due to the global shortage of microprocessors. They actually openly talk about their problems, which all games should do instead of just having next to no communication like this one seems to so far.

People here are ultimately concluding that amazon is amazon and they should be able to pay for whatever like it is a game of monopoly, but that isn’t quite the case.

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Yeah in that 1 month of period, all the players who thought of maining this game but couldn’t start with all of us due to bad server management will also run away due to already stated reasons, it’s a lose/lose situation for everyone.

I guess I can’t exactly understand that part, because I myself have no use for dev’s explanations of how a dupe happened in their game. You know? I feel like in the end what matters is that the issues get fixed asap. Which they did in this case.

The server locks and unlocks happened because someone listened to players too much. The locking was a good idea, but the forum was literally burning with tens of posts about “all my friends are quitting because they can’t play with me REEEE” every minute. So they went and unlocked them. Now everybody is angry that they got unlocked. AGS really can’t win in this situation unfortunately.

I’m not sure who are you talking about “complaining with 0 communication” since i never stated that, i don’t think that it’s not that hard to understand that the main problem is with their decision making department/leadership being totally out of reality.

Edit: And yeah, AGS is really active and Roxx+ Devs are doing really nice job with “talking to us” but they are not “solving” or “giving” the answers that we want, as you also stated too.

Which we come back to my main complaint which is stated in the topic clearly, " Lack of Leadership/ Decision Making"

Can you explain in what reality a multi-dollar corporation owes you an explanation of any bloody thing?
Why would any engineer even bother to consider caring about you knowing details of stuff you have nothing to do with?

You either go to Complains and take a number or and drop your resume. Whoever gets back to you will surely explain to you why it’s none of your business or ask why would you like it to be your business.