Such depression, much sadness, wow

like title says ;
such depression, much sadness, wow…

i think i am throwing in the towel on my main SH, she’s officially been meet on ilvl with my bard, and 3 more bards are closing in fast…

i want so much to get higher and better SH but for the love of god i just cant and wont pay 200k+ gold for ONE damn accessory…just highway robbery, I’ve tried maybe different builds to play with and the lowest access., would be 140k and highest is 250k+

that’s just stupid.
yeah yeah yeah we get it you are no life sweats lord always smacking your gums about just sell your mats, or L2P etc., etc., that’s no excuse, other players like myself actually get out and breath real air, and not circulated body sweat thanks, these damn prices are utter trash and i see why players leave early. seeing that whilst trying to gear a new char or alts??? no thanks.

sucks cause i was really enjoying my SH from the get go, but she at the point where i NEED full ‘‘BIS’’ garbage to continue, but here comes the herpa-derps support still with argos accessories getting easy partys at 1470+…|

zzz suck i gotta play bard to enjoy higher content. dont get me wrong i enjoy bards all the same but…my heart is with the SH

sadge :expressionless: :expressionless:


140k for a ring?

yup and earing is 200k currently on my region/.server

I feel you

same pain here, I dont have full 6-10+ chars roster, I dont wish to do dailies all day - I hate doing it with 2 chars
I dont have enough gold to afford 20 legendary books, not to mention 40 + accessories + pheons… thats crazy how am I suppose to progress when a legion raid gives about 2k per week while 1 grudge cost 10k lol…

you cant buy middle tier accessories because of the pheons systems… and im tired of doing dailies its boring

great game, terrible design, and the best part - no one will complain about it, they dont care here, they are able grind 6+ chars everyday so they prefer having this “advantage” over those who cant… not long from now they will complain there is no one to play with
all the “casuals” already quit the game and the forums, you saw post about this few months ago… every post talking about these problems will get responses like “use rest” “you can do x5 roster and this and that”, no - I cant…

we should bombard this forum with post asking for redesign, at the very minimum reduce guardian and chaos to once a day, best thing will be to have legion raid to give actual gold like 10k-15k and redesign the daily activties to be something else - this why you also solved the bots farming chaos dungeons

but nah… lets keep whine about not being able to play during patch day


You want the best accessories, u competing with ppl who spend a lot or play a lot and drop rates are low.

Low supply, high demand and the prices are what they are.

You cant expect to pay 2 hrs a day and be as geared as someone who plays 15 hrs a day


so what is your expectation here?

ppl should drop prizes because you are whining in this forum?

Would you like to play wow and buy the boe´s (bind in equip) items in the week the new mythic raid comes out? its also not affordable.

You dont need to play every content first week… if you have less time / characters just wait and save your gold …

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dont give up faith with this patch there will be a ton of more players at 1415+ and clown raid is another source of potential drops so the supply will go up a bit but alot of people will also mainswap from SH as it will start to fall off from here on out

I don’t blame you, it’s one reason I stopped playing as much.


Its a natural consequense of all the inflation caused by bots and people rmting, the price of blue crystalls, books and accesories rise like crazy and only those that play several hrs a day or rmted are able to afford them while other people get frustrated and quit meaning less accesories on market and plus even more expensive, the value from our weekly gold rewards from raiding are a lot more worthless than they should be at this point cuz of all this.

Its either that (200k on one accessory) or you buy 2x lego books. With that you can use 3/3 accessory and still get that juicy 5x3 everyone is drooling. :cold_face:

The problem is most people over estimate how many players are in late T3…the supply isn’t there because a lot of players are not running a lot of high end content…ie not enough drops to supply the market. People would be shocked to know how many are 1470 + compared to those well below that. I’ve noticed this. I run a guild on EUW…and alts on 7 guild’s. Our average level per player across the server would surprise a lot of people. Across the 7 guilds I’m in only a handful are doing Vykas now and nowhere near Clown.

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Pheons and inflations are driving players away from this game.
Let’s give few pheons (June event vendor had no pheons), July (9 per week) for players
Let’s not permaban RMT
Let’s turn off captcha for botting
Economy ruined, prices are not accessible

but hey, we’re fine, and AGS is doing a great job with the September patch, no worries, once all players are removed, all these problems will be solved.


tom i am replacing my sh with a bard or pala

yup, as a surge main i have exactly same problem about progression, and unfortunately there is not much to do other than wait and see, or cheap out on the 5th engraving using less popular one :rofl:

stay strong brothaa

what region ? Because you can clearly find a decent 3/4 accessory for Demonic for like 30 to 50k range in EUC.

I mean if you were playing bdo lets say and instead of farming on 6 characters you had to farm 8 hours per day in 1 spot to get enough silver to progress would you still complain?

This is how grinding works in this game, it’s not for everyone some people like it and some don’t.

I personally enjoy havings alts cause i do enjoy more than 1 classes and i like seeing different combat stlyles in action.

I have 2 friends who have only 2 characters and they still managed to get 1490 with 5x3 (f2p btw).

SH still the cheapest class in the game right now,

I’m hunting a single ring for 2 month now. With 2(!) quality it was 90k gold and somebody bought it. Just what the ****.

Yesterday I decided to take a peek at some accessories to maybe optimize the quality since I had some gold saved up. Saw a single ring with 8 quality for 80k. I was like “are you actually for real right now”.

But yeah, the prices are pretty ridiculous right now. “Meta” accessories for SH go up to 200k, demonic impulse books 12k, grudge/kbw/hm/adr 9k so it’s gonna be a “few” weeks of gold/mat farming.

i bet u need all this gold for 5x3 cause to build 4x3 is cheaper and u can just go for 4x3 and 1x1 u dont need 5x3 atm better focus on maxing tripods rather than going for 5x3