Suggested changes for the game (less burns and players stopping playing)

Players are getting burned from the exess of content it have, currently i have no time to do anything else with my life, i’m competitive, so i cant let things without beeing done in my account, and lots of players feel the same as me (like the game own their lifes), so i have a feel thoughts about how to solve it.

Chaos dungeon and Guardian raid: it’s currently 2 times per day, please make it 1 time per day with double loot

Daily (alt-j): it’s currently 3 times per day, please make it 1 time per day with triple loot

Store: make a monthly package (bought one time per account per month, with an untradable store, so people cant buy that with multiple accounts and send to the main one) taking into consideration the local currency, the actual one is too much expensive for the majority of the players.

Boss rush and Cube: make us select how many entrances we want to spend or increase the amount we can use in a single content to 5, 10 or all we have.

Chaos gate and field boss: make it like Ghost Ship, once a week and multiply the loot by the amount of times we do it per week

Events: the current boss event we have to do at least 6 times to clean the store, make it 3 or less. The same type of thing suits for others events like the mokoko island one, make it less times a week with more loots.

Resume: the general idea is to make people do things faster, people that have at least 6 characters (the majority os players) currently have to spend at least 6 to 8 hours playing, people that have jobs and social life cant afford it, so they end up leaving the game


we need these changes. support this idea!

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Hello and thank you for your suggestions! I will forward your idea along to the team to review. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know you support these suggestions. :slight_smile:

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sounds like a entitled issue, no1 forces ppl to play 6 char and if they do then there should be a downside for it too, that downside is that its timeconsuming and repetitive, if you take that away give ppl who play with 1 char the same ammount you get with 6 char too

also idk where u getting this “majority” from


That makes no sense though.
The downside for 6+ char would be that you have to still do 18 raids a week and you still have (by the op numbers) 3-4 hours to grind.

I think they should do this and add daily content that’s roster bound (so you only have to do it once a day) and it’s enough time-consuming to give people who play 1 char more things to do while it doesn’t give much more to do for those that have 6+ characters.

Also, I fully support the cube and Boss rush. You should be able to decide how many tickets and the rewards should multiply proportionally.

However, the KR developers have opted, even though KR playerbase has also suggested such things, to not reduce either chaos dungeons or guardians. Afterall, this game is too barebone, and it would hurt their engagement metrics.

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ticket stuff is okay but majority of the times u gonna use boss rush 1 by 1 for guild
easy contri
as for reducing daily activities, if you play 1 char you can do everything in an hour or a bit more on weekend cause of pvp island,skip non gold islands since they are kinda useless once u got the souls
cardpacks are pretty worthless too cause its too rng, not worth waiting for it

this game goes against itself basicly no matter what u do, play 1 char you are raid logging, play more char you have no time to even go check on your parents
let alone do any other activity ingame like pvp or whatever u can come up with

i d rather have them remove alt gaming and focus on 1-2 main char
cause it just makes ppl burn out since u do the same 1 2 3 boss and whatever daily chore u want
i dont even touch my alts cause its just dead boring killing valtan 2 3 4 etc time, same for other bosses, sooner or later the repetition will get to you and the more char u play the sooner it will be

I totally agree with the idea of removing the main character feeding alt-gaming model. It is an extremely bad design.

However, this is tied to the pay 2 win aspect of the game, which is why they are not going to remove it. Tradable materials essentially boost progression with more characters that you play. This is also tied with how gold is generated through raids, being gold the primary way to increase your power. So this is mostly a monetization issue, which they are not willing to compromise.

yeah it def helps progressing but i think they ve been helping us so far nicely to not heavily enforce this cause majority of the ppl on west i d say are casuals
im sitting on tons of mats even with just 1 char cause like i said im not touching my alts for a very long time now, main is 1490, could easily go above 1500

what i d like if they pumped some leg books into the game by some event
cause imo thats the biggest issue atm

How’s the money situation? Do you have 5 engravings? I dunno how that’s going for people who play single characters.

sure money is a bit tight nowadays since the market is thru the roof got like 300k atm
we are getting a lot of boosts to ilvl but no books or accessories/gems so its very competitive on that
sadly i missed the times when books were “low”
but luckily nothing needs more than 4 engraving, i compensated with better gems instead of a 5th engraving, it was still cheaper than those 15k class and grudge books and the accessory with the +3 class altho i have the acc ready, just waiting incase they do something about the books, if nothing happens until brel then ig i ll gulp it down and just buy them

It’s a vicious cycle for people who want to play alts, unfortunately.

The more alts you want to try, the more money they make but the more time and gold they need. Other games usually have alts take less, here not so much.

In my server, getting each character up to scratch is roughly 300-400k. Engraving books going from 140-300k and accessories going from 50-200k depending on class. If you consider that each week a 1475+ alt can give you roughly (after you are done with clown) 12-14k (plus whatever drops u might get), its like 3-5 months to get anywhere near what you’ve spent. I have roughly 80-90k gold income per week though if I sell everything with 6 characters 1445-1505 and 4 more 1415.

yeah and alts gonna take even longer the more raid etc we get
but cant rly cut time elsewhere cause that would leave ppl without any playtime unless they all run 3+ chars religiously

It’s why I said you can add content that’s roster limited and that takes a proportionate amount of time.
Say that activity adds 30 mins or 45 mins. Make it flexible, like 3 times per week and attempts can stack so you can do all 3 on Tuesday. Cut down the repetitive mundane chaos dungeons and guardian raids to 1 per day.

By doing this you have effectively given more time to play their character for those that have only one, and you cut down in half the repetitive nonsense the rest have to do, while at the same time making it more plausible for people with less time to play an alt.

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Great topic and important for RPG games to consider if players’ lives have to evolve around them for 8 hours+ per day.

Or… if P2W has to force no lifers to spend 1000 dollars+ per month to progress. Is this really what “gaming” is turning into? Cause this… is just bad.

Just look at the Korean players on Twitch to see how far this game has gone in the past year. It has nothing to do with actual gaming.

Just poor souls totally lost in the real world of what life is actually about. How many of them have wives/husbands and kids? lol stupid question really?

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This is indeed how gaming has evolved. The game is designed to be grindy and time-consuming.

This creates a cost opportunity in the minds of consumers: Is my time worth more than my money?

If the answer is yes, people pay.
If the answer is no, people grind.

This will create an ecosystem where whales can get a sense of achievement by preying on the rest. Meanwhile, the company will continue to exploit whales psychological weaknesses and continue to make the game grindy so non-whales will be held back enough, but not enough to make them believe it is a waste of time.

Who loses? Everyone but the company.

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