Suggestion about future power passes

I think its safe to say that the vast majority of players have their 6 free character slots filled.

Going forward is there a way to maybe giving an option to choose between a power pass or a chracter slot extension? The punika pass is 55$ and the character slot is 8$ its value for you guys.

That way if a retruning player that haven’t played much or a newbie he can get a power pass, and old players like us could choose the character slot ticket.

Just an idea i had :slight_smile:

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I dont care i Charge 10 Bucks and get the ticket if i want a new Char (But there is nothing comming soon only Reaper / Summoner) because classes only come most likely every 2 or 3 Month so thats 3 Bucks a Month :smiley: i need to save

Honestly, I don’t agree with this one
It’s F2P so I’d like to keep avenues of revenue open so SMG is more likely to put more effort into the releases that make money

The better solution I believe is to give a Character Slot Extension +1 every anniversary or major f*ck-up, like Pheon Fiasco for example
It’s a fair pace to me

Same beer is cheaper in a supermarket than in a club. How could a mmo business work if you could F2P anything? Free char slot whenever a new class is released is a good idea tho and I’ve seen it in other games.

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A new character means more gear needed which means more pheons needed to buy, plus players would be encouraged to buy loadouts, skins and dyes for their new class. Giving away an $8 character slot for free seemingly would turn into easy money for them.

Not if the slot is the only thing you’re going to buy.

Not really because most people stop gearing past 6 alts
6+ alts is graveyard territory which people just use alts as a mat/silver farm and stop gearing

A powerpass event + new class promotes gearing and revenue, not extra character slots

If people stop gearing past 6 alts, then how would giving them even more power passes to gear more charactes increase revenue if they’re already at the cap and have characters above the pp’s ilevel though? You can say it’s only for new players or people behind, but I think AGS could add the option so it benefits people already playing too
Adding an option of either a character slot or the power pass doubles as encouraging people who are willing to spend to get a character slot themselves so they can make the most of the choice, and maybe even end up with a new main that they want to gear to the latest raid, while an entirely F2P person would have a chance to have more characters if they’re at the limit. If they aren’t spending real money anyway, then still adding a new character to buy from the market encourages gold flow for other players supplying it.

Lots of people out there want to make one of every class for example. There’s also people who would use Lost Ark as a dress up simulator for sure and would make more classes than are usable for the 6 character limit. I just don’t really see any downside of giving people the choice between them like op said.
If it replaced it entirely then I wouldn’t want it changed, but more options are generally a good thing

I find it hard to believe that someone would buy skins, pheons and other stuff for a character that they didn’t want to buy a $8 slot for, but would happily discard a $55 powerpass and then grind 15-20h to get to 1302. It just isn’t logical. If you plan to invest into character, then better deal is to buy slot and get free Punika pass.

Just accept it that they most likely will never give a free character slot. It just doesn’t make any sense to do so.

See my other comment

By this I meant buy a character slot, so they could use the free power pass themselves.

All ops suggestion would do is add an avenue for F2P players to get a new character slot, which at the moment they don’t have a method for. I don’t really see the downside? It makes no difference for paying players sure, but you need the F2P population to keep playing so throwing them a bone now and then seems like a good idea

There is no downside to players, but that is not the only criteria on how company like AGS or SG makes decision like that. I’m saying that it makes no sense for them to do it, because players who are not willing to spend $8 on a slot aren’t likely to spend +$20 on a skin or $10 on Vern Pass (minimum I would consider when making new char). Not to mention other things like mats/pots from the shop. They will just grind/farm everything.

Sure, and that’s fair, but it’s not like Amazon doesn’t get money from F2P at all. Buying skins from AH and Pheons with blue crystals still encourages revenue since those skins have to be bought by other players in the first place to put them onto the market, if you get what I mean? Blue crystals are buying other players royal crystals which they also had to spend real money on. If the F2P population is healthy then they’re in symbiosis with the people spending.

Yeah, I get that. But I feel like better approach would be to offer slots for either RC or BC, so that F2P can buy them indirectly using gold. It would still make money for Amazon, cause like you said, someone has to pay for those BC with real money.
Taking option of a $8 slot in place of a $55 pass just doesn’t seem like something that would be used by people willing to spend on skins, directly with RC or gold/BC.

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