Suggestion about generating gold

I believe that there is a lot of people, especially the ones who level slower, who didnt profit off of the huge gold inflation that happened at the start, are struggling with gold income to even do basic t3 honing, let alone buy accessoiries for thousands of gold.

I suggest raising the gold rewards of abyss dungeons, especially the 8player and possibly the t3 ones. Not only would this give players a better weekly gold income, its also in a relatively controlled format since its on a weekly schedule and you can have a max of 6 characters

i also believe its 99% bot proof since those dungeons require you to do mechanics as a group.
the tier 1 and lower tier 2 ones are too easy to power through and probably would allow botters to farm gold that way.


why would they wanna do that? obviously amazon want them to swipe

i dont need to calculate that because i will never pay real money for item upgrades or currency.
for skins yes.

only thing i purchased was the founders pack. i have 3 chars in t3, highest 1387 i have nearly 7 mil silver and 80k gold with most of the expensive adventure tome stuff completed
im not trying to brag im just trying to prove that its not as bad as you make it seem. it just takes playtime to get there.

and i dont care if people with 1480 ilvl payed insane amounts of money to get there because whats the point of being there if there isnt even content? just play at your own pace, you wont miss anything.
every endgame raid or dungeon they will add people will farm every week for months or even years so you are not missing out if you get there a month or 2 later than some sweaty whale.

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yes i know that , thats why i mentioned it, i already bought most or all of the silver related cooking items.

and i believe you that after 1390 it starts to get really expensive but why even push that high now? just for phase 3? its like 20 minutes of content once a week, i can wait with that and level up alts instead and start farming more lopang etc.