Suggestion about how to beat the bots

I know everyone is lately wondering about how to beat the bots and restore the game economics. As the given issues AG already spoken about using real ID to validade accounts and the many others not really viable solutions. I came to the idea where what if they just completly diable trading & and auction house selling until Tier 3, as it would make them (bots) really struggle to start making some profite in the game. Yet early player’s would benefit from buying stuff in game shops and auction house so it wouldn’t affect for worse early players without give so much impacting changes.
Still doesn’t get rid of some other kinds of exploits that are currently ongoing but one problem at time would be a good start.
That’s it my people, have a good day and please don’t RMT with these guys. You are sending more money to china and I would say that’s not a really good idea in many ways.


yeah no thank ,think about it first before making kind of suggestion .It would ruin new players experiences and existence player base an ability to raise new alts to t3 through market place .

well the early players would’ve be still able to buy stuff from Auction House and game shop. I don’t really think they’ll suffer of anything that would give a poor experience to their gameplay.

so what is this?

Thanks for your feedback guys, I’m moving this post from the French to the English-speaking forums for more visibility! :slight_smile:

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this is how to improve an idea without just trashing it. i’ve just edited the main post thank you for helping out

I came to the idea where what if they just completly diable trading & and auction house selling until Tier 3

You mention that early players would still be able to purchase from AH, but if selling is disabled until T3, there’s not going to be much to buy. I find it hard to believe that there will be people in T3 holding onto or farming for T1/T2 accessories just to sell to T1/T2. So really, this would punish new players climbing through T1 and T2 more than punishing bots.

Additionally, there are plenty of bots in T3 already. This will unfortunately just be a small setback for them, and they’d be back in full force in no time.

Well, maybe an exeption for some types of items that you only get if you are a real player, like abyss dungeons?

Also, with the current set of rewards and propper knowledge players are really plenty of materials and items to go smooth from t1/t2 to t3 as it’s just the very early game idk man even on the first char wouldn’t be much of a pain to go through. As well as they should be more forced to explore and meet major stuff in the game that are mostly skipped cause of excess of materials.

This would really help a lot , UP

Lo ideal seria que la gente deje de comerciar (de comprarles), asi al no tener mercado, no tendrían excusas para llenarnos de bots los server, pero hay gente que lo hace, entonces debería ser un baneo permanente al pc de quienes sean encontrados con bots, se que es cansado, péro bot que se vea debe ser denunciado, ya esta cada vez mas lleno el server y es casi imposible hacer algunas cosas que son necesarias, como el completar los mapas.