Suggestion about the Roadmap

Okay, so…I’m happy with most of the stuff in the roadmap…except, I honestly believe that ALL of the QoL that is slated for May AND the Trial Abyssals should be bumped up to April.

It’s great that you’re putting 1340 content into the game, but I honestly believe that putting in one time content without adding more daily/weekly content for resource generation is going to blow up in the wrong direction. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but I honestly think people will blow right through South Vern, still not make it to 1370 and still just quit the game instead of pushing for it because you haven’t done anything to make pushing for 1370 worth while.

I also think pushing Vultan back, and threatening to push it further back than May is the wrong direction to take too. People don’t want to be stuck in the 1340-1370 deadzone. People who have done Argos don’t want to just sit around doing Argos once and week and having no other content worth doing. Slow rolling this content is going to encourage more people to quit the game.

You guys are doing a lot of things right with the content you’re promising…but you’re not pushing the end-game fast enough. Most people will STILL just sit at 1340 and sell mats because honing FEELS BAD. It doesn’t make people feel happy or like they are progressing. After failing 9x in a row and hitting pity, there is no dopamine hit, there is only the realization that you’re about to go through the same torture for another 15 upgrades.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who disagree with me, and I would love to be proven wrong, because I don’t want the game to just disappear from everyone quitting out of frustration, but this is the way I see things as of this current roadmap.

tl;dr: stop pushing Vultan and other end-game content back, start pushing players forward. The goal is to get us caught up to Korea, not hold us back. This roadmap makes it looks like you’re intentionally holding us back for whatever reason. I’d honestly argue that everything you have planned for “April and May”…should be out in April. This entire “roadmap” should be the April update.

PS: “This is not all of the content that will release” is the opposite of transparency. That’s literally telling us that you’re intentionally being non-transparent about your plans.

Community: Please discuss your opinions on the roadmap…and be specific. “This roadmap sucks” posts aren’t going to get us anywhere. Explicitly state what you like/dislike and why.