Suggestion: Add optional bars that you can only add emojis, songs, and expressions to

I understand the limitation of the menus is intentional so people cant use too many items or skills etc. However I’m constantly juggling my mount, an emoji, an expression, or songs like song of escape onto the bar above the items, default 4-10. We should have 2 additional bars you can turn on in settings that you can only put skills expressions emojis and mounts on.(If i missed another thing to put on the bar this isn’t combat related plz let me know)

This would allow the community to engage with each other more. Engagement is a crucial aspect of an MMO and any way to enhance that will benefit the game. It’s annoying to type during a raid. It lowers my dps. But if I miss an ultimate it would be cool to be able to quickly hit shift+s to do an Awkward emoji. it would also be cool if we could hide the bars. like set them, memorize it and hide them. People love customizability and this would also increase the user’s field of view. Also we should be able to hide these bars after we set them and reduce their size if we want to SEPERATELY from the skill and other bars so they don’t take up as much of our field of view.


Thank you for your suggestion, WalterEliz. I’ll send it over to the devs!

Yes, I want to have songs + plenty of emotes. GIVEEEEE

Nothing beats some fun emotes! :raised_hands:



I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thank you for being a part of the team that makes this amazing game possible. [recommendation]