Suggestion: Auction House Buy/Pre Orders

One of the biggest gripes I have with the auction house is that a large number of items which are potentially useful are instantly dismantled by players that don’t know they’re worth something.

Some examples:
GvG build accessories (e.g. necks with offstat domination)
Off meta build accessories (e.g. some builds exist which use budget accessories that would normally be dismantled such as swiftness igniter sorc)
Any other accessories - I imagine many people only recognize expensive accessories and use the search function to check prices, dismantling everything else

Could we get a menu where we can set up pre-orders/buy orders for items on the auction house?
A nice extension of this functionality would be showing the value of items when you look at them in inventory based on pre-orders/buy orders or current listings on the marketplace. This would be much easier than the current method of having to scan every accessory manually, recognize potentially valuable ones yourself and then search on marketplace. And obviously would alert people of accessories that are worth selling that they wouldn’t have recognized before (due to lack of data/low volume on off-meta builds/gvg builds).



thanks for the info as well, will start posting mentioned accessories in market instead of dismantling