[Suggestion] Class Icons For Forum Profile

Can we get more icons/pictures for Lost Ark forum, preferrable classes icons (i.e. Beserker, Paladin, Soulfist, Bard, etc) please. Right now, there are too many NPCs and icons that does not fit with our Lost Ark identity.

My main is a Soulfist in game, so it would be nice to have a Soulfist as my profile picture.

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Bump! I was right about to post something similar–would love if we could have more forum icons. I’m tired of seeing the same pictures haha. Sometimes 3 people in a row would be talking with the same icon which is just… xD.

We need expressive variety!! :pray:

Would like the class engraving specific icons. So instead of sorcs, you’ll see that they either prefer igniter or reflex and etc.

I want to have klown as profile