Suggestion: Empty Gear/Engraving Slots = Matchmaking Restricted

Over the last week, while queuing matchmaking solo, I’ve noticed in every failed attempt at raids/abyss dungeons there was someone in my group that had no engraving, or one engraving or no ability stone.

The matchmaking system should look at this and prevent people from queuing if their character has empty gear/engraving slots. This will at least force people to look into these systems, and even having Drops of Ether equipped twice is better than nothing at all imo.


You could make a group instead. There problem solved


You can easily create a party. Just click the Party Finder button :wink:

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That’s not solving the problem, that’s ignoring it.

The match making system already checks your item level, it most likely wouldn’t be a big step to check if both engraving and/or ability stone have something slotted.

That’s too soft. Empty gear/engraving should be a bannable offense with appeal only available after a public apology on the forums and a detailed plan to obtain the BiS setup on their class within 3 days or their account will be deleted.


I mean that’s a little over the top. The game does walk you through engravings and ability stones via a quest, the issue is people are just spamming G through really important information quests like these. Then they queue into Abyssal dungeons without ability stones (I don’t even care if the engraving on the stone is useful, but the HP boost is huge with these stones.)

There really needs to be something that pops up and tells these players “Hey, we see you spammed ‘G’ through some of these quests. Until you go back and learn about that content, you can’t queue Abyss/Raids.” And then it walks them through the process until they do something.

lol it flew right over your head

the idea is a no go mate, you cannot force the horse to drink water. Inexperienced players have to seek to improve themselves. The systems are there in game and there are guides online. If more help were to be provided, it has to be on their own terms. Forcing it down their throats will only backfire.

One thing that many players forget is that there are many levels of skill, maturity, determination and desire in a game. In a MMO you are going to meet them all at one time or another. Belonging to a guild that consists of players with a a similar mindset to yours is always a good move.

Expecting other players to be like you will not work and will only lead to you popping a blood vessel. Chill, offer advice (in a friendly way), start a guild of your own if you cant find one that suits your needs, get a good group of online friends, make friends of players that seem to be doing what you want. Put up some guides in the forums etc, in effect offer tools for other players to get to the skill/knowledge level you want. Punishing players for not being what you want, which is what you are asking, will never happen.

In the end, the scrubs paid the same money or invested time just as you did, they are entitled to play the game the way they want. Don’t expect everyone to see things the way you do.

In the end, its just a game.

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That’s the problem though. Its not even inexperienced players, it just people too lazy to read. Then they join matchmaking and punish others.

Its not forced if the game just says “You must fully equip your character before joining matchmaking. Missing Items: , .”

They literally already do this with the gear score requirements.

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I think you’re being too soft, I would really consider jailtime as a viable option.


How is expecting someone to be fully geared to join content with other players expecting people to see something my way? Its literally the game.

I’m not asking for them to have perfect builds, gear, stones, engravings. I’m asking them to require ANY engraving or stone at the very least.

It “literally” is not the game, show me where it says you must have engravings etc. Please stop saying literally unless you understand the word.

It is just your expectations of everyone else that is at fault, not them. Work for what you want, don’t demand it of others.

Next you will be demanding class types, skill types, GS levels. You might be a skilled player, a diligent player, a knowledgeable player, it doesn’t make you the archetype for the game.

You’re literally turning this into something it isn’t but whatever. I never asked for anything but for people to be reintroduced to basic game concepts when they’re using matchmaking to group with people to clear content.

There is nothing harmful in this.

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I had peeps with grudge one or curse doll level 1 on a zerk . They really should learn to use class engraving.

Engravings are probably the most important thing in your character and should be focused above all else when determining if you should take that extra 2500 damage stat on new jewellery or stick with your previous tier with Engravings. For example there is a HUGE difference in the shields and heal i give using blessed aura, expert and cursed doll 3 over level 1. We’re talking game changing amounts.


See I don’t even mind that. At least if they have grudge or cursed doll they have an understanding of the engraving system.

The thing that gets me is the T1/580 ilevel people who don’t have any engravings or ability stones.

Yes! And all I’m asking is that the game gives a second prompt when people start queuing for raids/abyss dungeons that says “Hey, remember this system? Lets review!” then walks them through the process and allows them to queue.

For all I care, it could give them 20 green class engravings as a reward!

There’s “literally” again, used incorrectly, it doesn’t add weight to your argument.

No, you want to force them to play how you want, it wont get you what you want.

Best suggestion, do up some guides, add them to the forums. When you see someone you think needs improvement, tell them that you made some guides and suggest that they might find them useful.

How are you going to get 9,10, 11 etc year olds (you understand that there are plenty in the game) to get skilled how you would like them to be, you cant, especially with the attitude you display here.

Want more people to be how you want them to be, offer guidance because I doubt the company is going to restrict players that have as much invested in the game as you, simply because you want them to. You have to look at it with a better perspective than just stamping your feet.

bad suggestion. that would mean you cannot challenge yourself and try beat challenges without engravings just because it’s yet another requirement check.

They should do it as a refresher i T3 when you grt the tricore guide because we’re talking massive changes in potential to a character. If i run level 0-1 on my blessed, expert and cursed my shield and heal is about 20k and 3k respectively and with level 3,3,2 its about 40k and 6.k and ive not even moved to t3 abyssal jewellery (no decent engravings dropped) yet that will rocket me to nearer 80k hp and will do much more.