Suggestion: Empty Gear/Engraving Slots = Matchmaking Restricted

I want them to be (re)introduced to mechanics that are important to the game that they may have glossed over earlier.

Seriously? I have more important questions about why 9-11 year olds are playing a Mature rated game.

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Matchmaking and queuing solo/as a premade are different buttons. This could easily be set up only for matchmaking.


Because it’s boring af and 90% of players don’t care about that.

Alright, enough messing around, jail is too harsh. Most jail systems are reformative justice only in name.

We need to enroll these unengraved offenders into PhD programs, and force them to choose “the detailed study of optimal gearing and engravings for x [insert class name] in Lost Ark” as their dissertation topic.

Then we will make them pay for their own expenses by farming in game content, that’s right, with empty gear and no engravings.

That will teach em.

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I would rather they read up on their classes and have better suited engraving and stats for it . Right now I just avoid matchmaking as a plague. Group finder is so much better as I can filter out the players I do not wish to play with on their stats and engravings.

Well, despite what @Haruchai may think, I’d prefer to let people do what they want with their classes/builds. I just wish the game presented tutorials on key elements of the game a little better.

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Wanting the game to let you know you’re not playing a part of the game right makes sense.

It’s your equipment essentially. Why are we coddling people that can’t even grasp their equipment? It’s not about optimization, it’s about knowing the system exists. It’s like playing any other game and not equipping a weapon. Or leaving a slot of gear unfilled, are we really at this point in gaming?


People really need a reminder when entering T3. I saw a berserker yesterday with ether engraving still slotted and had it at level 3 (purole books). I can repect them leveling it up but it just shows the lack of understanding in the system. The orbs were nice though i guess.

I dont have money I should be banned xd? As I saw a lot if people trolling with Abyssal Dungeons, when those kind if ppl see that someone go rage they start troll more and more. Is their way to have fun in game.

I’m calling BS on that, that isn’t what you were demanding at the start or even after the start. You are backpedalling now and saying exactly what I suggested.

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No, they are still saying you should fill those slots. But they can play the way they wish with those slots. Not filling them is playing the game wrong if you are doing any kind of combat play in this game. That’s the game’s systems. It’s not an opinion.

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And the same people not even sloting a stone or having 2 negative engravings contributed to the nerfs, when those are the most basic and important things you have to consider after reaching level 50.

“Playing the game wrong”, that’s interesting. They are not playing the game “wrong”, they are playing it how they wish. If you want others to play as you would like them to play, offer guidance not demands. The OP wanted them locked out, that’s a stick not a carrot and I doubt a game that’s many years old and hasn’t put something like that in place will do so now. Restricting access to content never works well in video games and once you start down that path the line keeps getting moved.

If you play with someone and think they don’t have a clue, based on your personal standards, block them, you never have to play with them again or offer guidance. You are more likely to achieve what you want.

The solutions are simple and up to each player based on their own desires, play with like-minded players, engender a friends list of players that fit what you want, don’t be elitist, it never ends well.

You can play games wrong and it’s still how you wish. I don’t care what fancy way you want to say it.

If you are playing pve content and don’t have all your gear on, you are playing the game wrong. End of story. It does not have to be bis or even good. It has to be there.

Edit - By your logic I should be able to equip a staff and gun as a martial artist even if I can’t use them cause it’s how I want to play.

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I suggested that they be locked out and presented with a tutorial reexplaining core game mechanics before they could continue joining matchmaking for random multiplayer content.

Their decision to not use basic game mechanics and equipment available to them could adversely affect other player’s game experience.

Maybe they just don’t know and before being admitted to content, a refresher tutorial would bring them up to speed on a core mechanic, important to progressing the game. Receiving another tutorial could potentially improve their game experience as well, as maybe they were struggling and now that they have +3000 hp from equipping an ability stone.

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and thats why 90% didnt clear easy content which lead to content nerfs :rofl:

Did people really not see the sarcasm here lol

Honestly, they shouldn’t be allowed to que if they don’t have the stone or engraving equiped.

A simple, “don’t forget to equip your engravings/stone before entering” would be fine. Simple to implement. Teaches people how to play the game.

The other guy in here arguing against it, doesn’t even understand what he’s talking about. If anything it proves this should be implemented.

As someone who smashed G through most of it, it’s easy to miss until you finish Vern and unlocked everything, you don’t need those things beforehand.


I’m getting real tired of the “I don’t care that I am ruining the experience of 3 other players, I’m going to intentionally int the raid because that’s how I want to play!” Crowd. Don’t play a mmorpg if you’re going to act like this. It’s a team game.

In most other games this is a reportable offense.

Imagine playing league of legends as a support, then five minutes into the game saying I am going to jungle now because that is how I want to play the game! Great you just ruined the experience and fun factor for everyone else on the team. Literally the same thing imo.