[Suggestion] Flag real player accts with indicator

Anyway to flag real player accts with an indicator so they get priority to join a server, over an acct that is not verified?

This would make it so that real players could get in first, and bots would have to wait.

How to identify real players from bots?

  1. If the servers log keystrokes from player inputs, you could look at super repetitive key strokes as botting.

  2. Verify accounts, 2Factor authen, cell phone code etc.

  3. If you want a scalable solution, then you’ll need some trick coding and a smart algo.

Food for thought,

If you had 250,000 real players. 250000/30days = 8333/day

If you could verify 8333 accts a day with a team of 4 ppl, that’s 2083 accts per person a day, and 260 accts per hour. in 30 days, you could potentially make it so that 250k real players would have no que, and the bots would wait.

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yes, something / anything to help real players.
Another item to consider for identifying real accounts : your rate + occurrences of correctly reporting bots; regularly.
(Everyone who reported a bot, upon the team banning it for botting, gets a +1)