Suggestion for a new "Hunter XP LVL" meaningful mob farming

**I understand why they don’t allow that xp farming thing with mobs, but without it I think we are missing out on the great combat that this game brings and the feeling of leveling up through mob farming, and I know that there is a huge amount of people that would love this, even better if there was a way to do it without affecting the more casual players or game balance. At this point I’m starting just to run past the mobs to get from point A to B of the quest. Maybe there could be something like middle ground here. The game already does 2 different leveling parts, the “battle/char level” and the “legacy level”, let’s keep them as they are, but how about if you added a third leveling concept that doesn’t affect the other two nor game balance, just as a mob farm leveling number (“hunter level” or something like that) and give that one an unlimited number were players can keep leveling up indefinitely and every “X” amount of levels maybe get something in return, like an accessory or something useful for builds or quality of life ingame. And doing this have “the hunter XP” give it on a nice way not just 2 xp per kill, I just think it would be cool to have a way to gain something meaningful from farming monsters in the open world and not just from quest/dungeons/raids to have a motivation to fight them along the way and not just ride past them and it could be done without affecting game balance.