Suggestion for All Regions

I was asking about the Training Room in Lost Ark and you can level any ability to lvl 10 and stuff to try out skills even if you’re too low level to play it. However you cannot use the pre saved loadouts for PvP stored in the Fighter’s Diary.

The suggestion is for us to be able to not just load it but also modify and save those loadouts so we can practice and modify our build while trying it out in the Training room.

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I dont understand why there needs to be an “advanced training room” at level 30~
It makes reaching that point a huge milestone for players in trying out the classes
Would make it a whole lot easier to get access to this version of the training room when you select your subclass

I think that would be a bit overwhelming to new players. By waiting for lvl 30 they’ll have more time not just with the game but the class so now they can dive deeper into the class. But this topic is about being able to access the saved presets for PvP. Which you wouldn’t have as a new character.

Updated with images.

Can someone remember me how i enter this room?