Suggestion for Damage dealt during Guardian Raid and other content

After first trying Guardian Raids, Abyss dungeons and Chaos dungeons for the first time and seeing MVP and their total damage dealt along with other stats, I was really keen to see how I did in comparison to MVP. Sadly this wasnt a feature available to us.
And after going into forums, I’ve seen concerns regarding issues with how under-performing players could/would be treated.

I believe there is a simple solution so that everyone is happy. And that is to show your own performance and stats visible to the player only. So they can see how they performed, but still wont see how everyone else did.

Would love to see this incorporated into the game :smiley:

Not to burst the bubble or anything, but this has already been suggested and the concern I’ve seen the most was that this would create toxicity anyway because players would ask others to share and would flame/shame those who didn’t.

I’m not saying this would happen (although definitely a possible outcome), but it was one of the arguments I saw against this idea.