Suggestion: Global Chat Improvement

The global chat feature requires new tools to manage members. It’s nearly impossible at present because members can be listed in three different ways (main character, specific character, or last used character) and it’s based on their preference so for the Lobby Master/Deputy to recognize everyone and determine whether they are inactive or quit is quite unlikely.

Please add a “last viewed global chat” or “last logged in” to the members page (Member Info) so it’s much easier to track down inactive users to free up space. I prefer a “last viewed global chat” so I can kick members who no longer participate in the global chat in addition to those who quit the game. Something like “last viewed X days ago” or “in last day”. A member limit greater than 100 is something that would be appreciated too.

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I like this. Wow had something like this. It was like an area list that showed all the people that was online. Everytime you would go to a new zone you would see people. This is also a great way for in-game mods to get rid of bots…

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I was talking about the yellow chat bubble top left by server time. It’s typically used by guilds or other specialized groups (maps, card runs, raiders) to talk across roster and it doesn’t wipe chat history when switching characters. It’s essentially the built-in but heavily stripped down alternative to using discord.

However, I think your idea is interesting as well. I can see several situations where people would want to know who is in their current instance. I’m not sure whether this benefits mail spamming/whispering bots because they seemingly know every user in their instance anyway.

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Please forward my suggestion to the developers. Thank you!

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass this over to the team.