Suggestion how to impove the 3x 1v1 pvp game mode

I have suggestion how to improve the 3x 1v1 pvp game mode.
The suggestion is as follow:

Make round 1 → 3 simultaneous 1v1 matches. If all 3 from 1 team win in round 1 the game is won.

rounds 2 and 3 → The other option is to have 1 1v1 winner from 1 team and 2 1v1 winners from the other. the 1 plays consequently 1v1 matches vs the other 2 winners.

Comparison - will call it “Current way” and “New way”.

---------------------------------------------Current way ----|------New way

Min number of----------------------------- 3---------------|------------- 1

Max number of-----------------------------5--------------|--------------3

Min number of------------------------------0--------------|--------------1
rounds participated
as individual

Max number of-----------------------------3--------------|-------------3
rounds participated
as individual

max number of rounds------------------4--------------|--------------2
spectating without playing
as individual

worst case scenario-- play -------------0-------------|---------------1

This way it will greatly reduce the time you spectate and increase the time you participate in the mathes.
Meanwhile it will not decrease the max number of rounds you can participate in so that streamers can still make videos that they win 1v3.
In the current way you may spectate 4 rounds and the match to end without you playing even 1 round.
The new way you will participate at least 1 round and will spectate max 2 rounds.

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