(Suggestion) I get more mails from goldsellers, than mails on dating platforms. wtf

i have on many or all my 11 characters goldseller mails. even if i never write something in the chat and just stand in capical cities with my alts, for doing chaos dungeons and guardian raids. a word filter for the chat and mail would be good. or a limitation for how many mails you can write to other people in a certain time

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That’s a low bar for comparison. Of course bot mails will always out number it!

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anything is higher than 0 tbh.


I’ve also started receiving gold seller mails and the worst part is you can’t seem to report them from the mail UI, or rather I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me if it is possible, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. I had to whisper the character name that sent me the advertising and report them from the chat box.

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you need better pictures bro :joy:

You can, but the way isn’t very intuitive.

Ctrl + right click their name:

This doesnt help anyways. Those accounts get banned on a daily basis.

As soon as they are able to send a mail they probably just put you on a list. And as soon as the account gets banned and a new one is created, they just spam through the list again.

Only way to handle this is the possibility for players to select who is able to send you mails.

Like friends & guild only or whitelists etc.

In defense of the goldsellers vs dating platforms ratio, you do happen to be pretty ugly.

Naw yall are missing the point this guy gets hourly posts from girls in dating sites, and the bots are still winning its crazy

You characters will be less likely to receive junk mails if they have an unusual letter in their names, like Café

Pretty sure bots have no issue with utf8. Its the standard format so no shot they can’t save player names with apostophes or how they are called in english.

It depends on where your characters are. Once a bot is nearby who saves the names, they get you.

I rarely get mails on my main which rarely visits north vern and i get none on a char i created in the early release days which is not more than a lopang slave.

I do have a supp with a apostophe and he gets mailed pretty often.