Suggestion: In-game Community moderators

As I teleported to Luterra Castle just now, I had to block 5 new gold spammers. Given how ubiquitous they are, I’d propose offering some sort of in-game “Community moderator” program (I know it’s the title of the mods here, so some other name that distinguishes them would be appropriate, just none comes to mind right now).

Basically, individuals could apply for the role. If granted, they would have a very limited ability to issue something like a 12 hour mute on an account (I’d suggest a “shadow mute” such that the spammer doesn’t get any indication that nobody else can see their message). All mod actions would go into a queue for review and permanent action by the paid staff. If the volunteer’s actions are deemed incorrect, they could be penalized by anything from simply losing the privilege up through permabans themselves if they’re found to be abusing it.

Much like the Player Moderators in Runescape, I’d support it.

I support the idea of giving players tools to deal with and only with bots and gold sellers. The tools should be quite limited though - for example a chat ban for 20 minutes. Perhaps an hour for being reported by two players with the anti-bot rights. It should be enough to stop bots, while not being too much punishing when abused.