Suggestion: Item bags (Collectibles reward?)


Am I the only one who spends a relatively significant amount of time simply managing my inventory? For example, after my daily chaos dungeon runs at T3 my bag gets completely empty, the same goes for my pet. With all the bombs, nades, potions, and random drops (Tooki, chickens etc.) it just feels like we need a little bit more space.

Yes, I am aware that there are auto-fuses, auto dismantling etc… I was doing all this a long time ago while leveling but now it feels like I’m simply destroying my gold. For example, stones & jewelry can be sold for a relatively high price if they were blessed by rngesus.

Sometimes it feels like I’m playing EFT again :smiley:

Anyways, my suggestion is to add inventory bags as a reward for horizontal activities. People like me, who enjoy horizontal progression will have an option to carry more junk. It will also make the rewards look more fun & unique since currently, they are ± the same.