[Suggestion]: Mokoko and/or Fairy Pet, and other "pet" ideas

I think it would be awesome to have a Mokoko Pet. To clarify, not one of the seeds or anything like that, but the tiny people who live on Tortoyk. Also would like one of the flying fairy people as a pet/follower, like the one on Wisdom Isle. Hopefully, if the suggestion has merit, legendary ones; so they have the extra inventory space and such.

I would happily buy them from the shop if they were available. Or even better, if there was a quest scroll you could buy from the shop and then you’d get to find and enlist them or something. For the more rp-ish/story inclined of us.

I also think it would be cool if when you had people-ish pets, if you could train them or level them or something, where they could get other useful abilities. Like maybe the little mokoko/fairy pet could level up and get an ability to heal you for some amount like every 2-5 minutes or something. Give it a long cool down so its not over powered or anything, but short enough so that it is still useful.

Any mini-game or leveling of “pets” would give more personal engagement with them, at least in my mind. Kind of like companions on other games and such.

Just thought I’d throw this thought out there. Couldn’t find where any of this is already in the game in a future release/tier update, though my google-fu could just be weak.

Anyway, thanks for your time and attention

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