Suggestion- More Colorblind Options in Future

Hey guys, I am enjoying the beta so much and want to congratulate both Smilegate and Amazon for what seems like a pretty smooth first step towards launch in NA and EU.

I should pre-face this by saying I am (very slightly) partially colorblind, and I appreciate the effort and recognition that there are even colorblind settings to begin with.

This is a stretch, but it would be great to see an option to separately adjust the color of the Boss AOE’s to something other than red in the future. (Maybe personally pick it ourselves with some kind of color wheel and opacity settings).

I am likely in the minority here, but I have played with the colorblind settings quite a bit now and am still struggling to see the outlines of the AOE’s without really straining and sitting close to my monitor. (Even in the Salt Flats where the ground/ background is mostly an off-white color I am finding the red outline hard to spot against the Salt Giant World Boss).

I also acknowledge that maybe I am putting too much emphasis on the importance of being able to spot the AOE’s. Perhaps a more experienced player could touch on if watching the actual boss animations and patterns are more important than actually spotting the AOE on the ground before it’s too late?

I am more than open to suggestions from other players with eyes like mine, and am also curious if I am alone in struggling to see the AOE’s here. Currently have the Green-Red colorblind option enabled in game with a value of 10-20 and it makes things better but again, still not great for my set of eyes.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to all in the future with this game. (Also sorry for the longer post for a rather simple question).


Hey, I have deuteranomaly type of color blindness (fairly common, ~5% of European males apparently) and it’s really hard for me to spot the boss telegraphs with that very transparent red color.
Color blind settings don’t help (these kind of filter are fairly pointless in my experience, I end up never using them), we need a way to change the color of things like boss telegraphs (I only had problems with that so far, but maybe they are other things I’m forgetting). Some games have an option to shift these kind of colored indicator to different colors, red to blue is a common one and works well for this type of color blindness.
Hopefully we get something at release, in it’s current state the game is very unfriendly to color blind people.

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I empathize with you. And as you said, while implementing a color pallet for boss telegraphs might be a stretch, maybe adjusting the Transparency/Opacity could do the trick.

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AG/SG might not be aware idk, if there aren’t more added maybe send them tickets or whatever at release, I’d hope this would be an easy implementation.

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I just sent a ticket to amazon for the same reason. I am red/green colorblind and no setting can help improve seeing the telegraphs.

I was just thinking the same thing when I searched and found this thread.

Something a lot of people don’t realize about colorblindness is that in many cases, it’s less about knowing what color something is, as it is about differentiating the color from its surroundings.

As of writing this post, the little ‘wave’ that appears in AoE telegraphs are the most consistent tell for me, even with colorblind mode at maximum. The shift in color itself is not drastic enough for my eyes to tell it apart from the ground.

So as an earlier post in this thread said, an opacity/intensity meter for attack telegraphs themselves would, in my opinion, fix the problem almost entirely.

I have to bump this because the colorblind filters provide no meaningful change to help see AOE markers. Being able to change the aoe marker to blue or even yellow would help SO much.

I’m also color blind and am having extreme problems with the red indicators. The color blind modes don’t help me. My group had to carry me through Sigmund the Immortal, because I couldn’t live through a phase. I simply can’t see the ‘don’t stand in this’ effects against the color of the ground. At this point I’m wondering if I’ll be capable of playing through the content of the game, and I’ve never been TOO concerned about my color blindness in high end progression raiding across multiple MMOs. I was a huge hindrance on my group tonight.

The most elegant solution to this would be allowing us to customize the color of the telegraphs, so for instance if there’s a brown background I could name the telegraph a neon yellow or a bright blue - anything that’s a very different color from the ground.