Suggestion on a possible solution for the Auction House

“To Many Adventures are using the service. Please try again later.”

Trying to use the Auction House lately is getting more tedious, annoying and being a inconvenience as a player. While we may not be aware of what’s causing these issues whether it’s some unofficial limiter implemented to combat against bots or just bots flooding the Auction House with requests that breaks it, here are some possible recommendations.

  1. Enforce a requirement where in order to access the Auction House, the players’ account must have at least one character who has completed Vykas Hard Mode. This is in consideration of being relatively difficult to bus bots + majority of players having the ability to clear it

  2. Enforce a requirement where you need to have Crystalline Aura to use the Auction House

  3. Enforce lockdown of servers to prevent the creation of new bots to continue flooding the Auction House + a big ban wave to less the amount of current bots.

  4. Remove this suppose limiter than was implemented as it’s ineffective that restricts how many players can be on at the Auction House at any given time. As far as I know, this issue was never as bad when player count supposedly was at 600,000 - 800,000 players, but we are now around 250,000 which doesn’t really make much sense.

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if this happend u will be back on forums complaining about people with rainbow stats lol

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1 NO that means people can’t sell ANYTHING until they hit vykas hard HA HA HA good luck with that one
2NO hide it behind a pay wall… yeah then we will see 100x more post about the AH on here no thank you
3NO lets stop people from creating new accounts… yeah this will help the company out!
4LOL no they remove the limiter and we’ll never buy anything the bots will have it all.

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Thank god you’re not video game developer these are all probs one of the worst “suggestions” I’ve seen in a while on these forums bro


pretty much all of these are absolutely stupid.

dud is like " oh yes, u can use market after u clear the 2nd endgame raid rofl"

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Nah, those people get gatekeep anyways or most people will play with statics besides complaining about that is better than the current state of trying to use Auction House imo.

The suppose “limiter” didn’t exist when bots were at higher numbers based on 600,000-800,000 player count, but players were just buying things just fine.

Mainly stopping bots not people from creating new accounts. Pretty realistic to expect that the number of new accounts daily are from bot farms and not from actual new players. State of the game is so anti new player friendly that they will quit after a short play through or get discouraged sooner or later. Plenty of posts from new players recently on forums that suggest that this is their experience. So the amount of suppose new players are pretty insignificant compared to the suppose QoL that current players will get with less bots/more stable AH. The company should focus on keeping its current players and solving its current issues than worry about new players.

Players can get crystalline aura from blue crystals from in-game gold. It cost 420 BC which may cost somewhere around 8,000 gold depending on what server you’re. That’s not really a lot imo. Sure, someone else may be buying royal crystals to exchange for blue crystals, but that’s not their problem. Those who are doing that are whales who choose to do so and partially help keep the blue crystals with the current price.

Players don’t really need to sell anything until they hit vykas hard anyways. Most of the time players aren’t really getting good BiS items that goes for a lot of gold unless they’re really lucky which is unlikely with how RNG is in this game.

Thank god you’re so constructive bro. Best NA critic 2022.

Yeah these are stupid, but better than not suggesting anything better on the situation and sitting around like shit on the sidelines :man_shrugging:

bro just admitted that his suggestions are absolute dog and expects me to give constructive feedback on said dog suggestions. Make it make sense

Ofc gotta start a discussion for entertainment and maybe get some eyes on the situation.
D/c is one thing, but Auction House is the next priority

No such thing as bad publicity :slight_smile:
Play the devil advocate bro if you want to go around countering posts/suggestions to make it more fun

Edit: Damn bro you’re boring af. At least keep the clownshow going ._.

420 BC for 8000 gold? Buahahahahahahaaaaaahaa! Check yer privilege bro.

It’d be a minimum of 17,500 on US west, and as I understand it quite a lot more in SA.

You’re right I take that back. Great time to be in NAE lmfao.

Still a fraction of gold an “average” player makes per week for monthly purchase of crystalline aura. Then again I’m assuming most players actively chooses to purchase crystalline aura already

ewwwww no, no ty. just hire someone to enforce rules ingame we need gms badly