Suggestion on adding Aura of Resonance pots to infinite chaos shop

I grind a lot of infinite chaos but at late game T3 it’s incredible inefficient use of my time but it’s something I do nonetheless.

Something that was really helpful for me was when the login reward gave me 5 of the Aura of Resonance pots. I was thinking why don’t we get as something we can buy in the chao overflow shop? I’m not asking them to be cheap. They should be expensive too but instead of us spending an hour grinding one Great Honor Leapstone. If I spend an hour grinding infinite chaos I think it would be rewarding to buy say one Aura of Resonance pot for say 1000 for one, 1500 for second, etc. maybe cap it at say 5 pot maximum per week.

The honing material updates are great for us in the short term, but I would think would be great for long term for those us that grind a lot.


I think the core grindiness won’t change if it didn’t in KR/RU. I get it’s extremely inefficient but it’s just there for some mats at the start. Some people go beyond that but I don’t.

+1 for this.

I say 2 separate items for sale, both Aura of Resonance on weekly restock. The first pot will cost 500, the second one will cost 2000.

I take the opportunity of this post to say my feelings on this subject as well.

Indeed, in Hack’n Slash, we have a way to play indefinitely while having more or less an interesting return on the items we collect.
I think that Chaos Dungeons should have this kind of content/direction. To be able to make these runs in solo or in team via voice with friends to pass the time and have fun.

But right now, the T3 chaos dungeons are so inefficient that it’s ridiculous to do them. It would be really nice to find a way to make them a little more efficient.