Suggestion on how to nerf mentioned content

Ok we are all mad about the upcoming nerfs for the mentioned content but here is a suggestion that would make the nerf viable for everyone.

Just hear me out and don’t lash out. I’m in T3 and I know how easy the content is once you learned the mechanics, got your build and everything.

Anyway. What AGS should be doing is roll out a very small nerf, and observe the changes over the course of a week. No major changes, some tweaks here and there and observe the results. If it’s still bad you can add another minor nerf until you hit the sweet spot.

I’m pretty sure this is something everyone can accept as frustrating as it may seem to veterans or experienced players.

@Roxx you should also forward the information to the team that once you got 40-80 Ilvl more you can easily steamroll the the T1 and T2 Guardian raids cause you really stop taking a lot of DMG, you can Facetank a lot the attacks without big concerns.

Also as a veteran player I’d like add the following. T1 And T2 is so extremely irrelevant for us, but it is not for the majority of new players to the game, they need the time to learn the game, learn the mechanics, memories them and execute them properly. I do agree though once they are in T3 is where they should know how to play the game. And I also agree that T3 should not be nerfed in any way.

Instead of lashing out, add suggestions on how things could be nerfed. No one benefits from “this is already so easy, stupid change.”