Suggestion: Skill points allocation less "clicky"

I’d like to suggest that we could allocate skill points directly by clicking the desired tripods. Instead of only being able to do so by clicking the + repeatedly.

To elaborate, what I mean is, if I have a skill lvl 1 and I have the points necessary to level it up to 10. Instead of clicking the + until 10 and then the tripods, I could just click the tripods directly and the skill would level up automatically to 4, 7 and then 10.

I think this would be usefull specially when you are testing different builds or different skills and you’re having to level up a bunch of skills all at once. It would also be nice for those players who only have 2 skill pages (most usually have 1 for mobbing and 1 for boss) to be able to quickly swap one of those for a pvp build for event islands.

Thank you.


Not all the skills can be lvl up to lvl 10, sometimes some skills can only be lvl up until lvl 1,2,3 or 5,8, 9, 11, and 12.

The idea is interesting but I do not see any kind of advantage, and if you use Shift Key plus the + button you can set 10 lvl directly by using 1 click if you have enough skills points to do so because this feature I cannot any advantage in your idea.

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Nice, I didn’t know this, thanks.

thats actually very good idea there is shift+ left to max the skill but your idea is very coz if u want to select lvl 7 tripod u have to click one by one that will be good for that

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If I am not mistaken, has another key that goes up from 4, 7, 10, but I never use it and I can’t assure this exists, but I think I saw it in a video on youtube.

no it doesnt exist there is only shfit +left click to max skill or one by one by clicking