Suggestion: solution to ban bots systematically

Hi, ASG and SmileGate.

Let’s adopt Recaptcha system that appears randomly. I’m aware this has been tried, but legit players were filtered by this due to AFK users. However, we can simply do this

  1. If no input, when Recaptcha is poped-up, just disable all inputs so that user can’t do anything, but don’t ban! By dong this, AFK users are fine. Anyway they are doing nothing! disabling all inputs will be just fine not affecting anything. They will come back and perform the Recaptcha to continue the game. If disconnected from a long AFK, we can pop-up recaptcha when starting the game. If the user is legit player, this will be completely ok.

  2. If Recaptcha result is wrong, don’t bann right away, but lower the score of the roaster. And this information should be notified to users and a menu to recover the score should be provided to gain the score back. If the certain level still is reached, ban permanantly. By dong this, we can prevent any accidental banning of legit users.

  3. Do not pop-up this during raids/dungeons. It is fine not to check recaptcha during raids/dungeons. Bots will be filtered during the quests on the way to lv 50, anyway.

  4. Make the user invincible during the Recaptcha process, so that it is fine to pop-up at random time.

I can’t see any reason at the moment why we can’t do this, unless I’m missing something. Google recaptcha should be more than enough to filter bots very accurately. This doesn’t have neither a legal regional issue nor accidental banning of legit users.

I’m quite sure a lot of people will be willing to perform Recaptcha if we can remove bots by doing so! I’m willing to do it often if it works!

Please feel free to provide any reason why this solution wouldn’t work. I can’t see anything yet.


Best regards!

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Captcha as a system does not work against bots.
It infact deters actual players.

Bots can easily solve captcha. There are systems for it. Not that hard.

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Bots can never solve Recaptcha if correct one is chosen. Just use Google Recaptcha, not a doggy ones. Bots and no AI can solve such a thing as

Choose lions with teeth

There won’t be smarter bots that solve Google Recaptcha than Google solutions.

Also, I’m quite sure a lot of players will be willing to be deterred if this system can ban all the bots, unless you are a heavy RMTer, or using bot programs, because you have to protect them.

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If you believe so, fair. I am not doing to argue with you on that but a simple google search shows that bots/ai can easily bypass all google recaptcha.

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Thanks for your input. Yes, there could be some bots that bypass Recaptcha, however I believe Recaptcha also evolves by the vandor as the bot evolves. There are multiple recaptcha solution vendors out there. At least this could be solution that could solve bot issue sustainably and accurately

As you are saying, some might bypass it somehow, but I believe majority of bots will be filtered by Recaptcha system that also evolves.

There are newer ones that are actual mini games that have a lot of variance, some ppl have even suggested using Vkyas typing test lol


Pls don’t lower my roster lv when I’m too drunk to solve the captcha

Their last unintentional catcha did miracles tho, I didn’t see even 1 bot for a whole day!

Captcha might have some potential, if you use it the proper way< unintentional °^


The correct way is to hurt RMT. Bots exist because of RMT. They are farming gold to sell it via 3rd party. If you punish RMT, bots will go away.

The real solution is to remove all gold from the RMTers’ accounts and put them in the negative for however much gold they RMT’d. Remove all their gear and reduce them down to 1100 ilvl blue gear and delete all their jewelry, engravings, pheons, and blue crystals. Delete all their honing mats and make all their trade able skins untradable

This is how you stop bots


@tfc1193 The problems are

  • You can’t legitimately detect RMT with solid evidence. In order to ban a user or confiscate like what you said, ASG needs an EVIDENCE that could be used in court. Let me rephrase this. Is trading tier 1 acc with 1 million gold an evidence? I would say it isn’t a solid evidence.
  • This is only how I felt for just a reference. ASG is not willing to punish that hard, because RMTers uses money in games. In my guild, there was a user that had been banned for a month due to RMT. ASG said they won’t confiscate ANY OF HIS GOLD because he already used all gold that was from RMT, although he had some remaining gold. ASG officially answered to him that ASG doesn’t want to confiscate gold that is earned from raids/dungeons, but only want to do that if gold is earned from RMT. This totally sounds like an execuse only. I think ASG just doesn’t want to do this at all. This is super ridiculous. So, basically only punishment he got is, 1 month ban, absolutely nothing about gold. What I’m trying to say is I have a feeling that ASG doesn’t have a will to punish RMTer that hard.

That’s why stopping RMT is hard, but stopping bots are easy if you use Recaptcha. If no one sells gold, RMT will disappear too.

Still, I can’t see any reason why Recaptcha can’t be adopted into the game. At this point, I have a feeling ASG just doesn’t want to deal with bots because it makes money and make game look active with MOU numbers. This is so short-term insight. Smile gate was doing so great in Korea doing a lot of long-term investments to last the game great in a long term, but ASG looks like they just don’t care enough.

Having said that, I do agree that RMTer should be cruelly punished like restting all gier levels to the current gear lv 1. (for example, reset to 1302 when tier 3, reset to 802 when tier 2). Also possibly resetting all accesorries to blue ones with random options. Problem is, I really suspect ASG wants to do this, and it will be hard for them to have a solid evidence to rigidly justify why the user was punished, if the banned user submits a support ticket to complain.

I’m down for the vykas typing test as captcha lol

I know you guys are kinda joking with Vykas typing test, but this kind of recaptcha will be just free pass to bots. It is easy to automate this simple typing. It should be complicated picture choosing quiz such as

Find monkey with back, not just find monkey.

the fact that bots can easily solve captcha but an actual human can’t sound so fuking sad

Useless response. People have been going on about this for ages, firstly, we have no evidence that’s not what they do now, secondly, if they don’t do it by now, they clearly just refuse to do so.

So there has to be solutions apart from that. This is a good idea. I’ve used a few games that have a captcha requiring you to move a puzzle piece somewhere or rotate an image til it’s the correct way around. There’s no way a bot can circumvent those…

I find this an interesting idea, along with the score system. A more complex CAPTCHA system in my opinion should at least lower the number of bot, if not completely kill them. As far as I know there are multiple vendors with multiple types of botting scripts and systems, some of which may actually not bypass this.
I see this as an endless battle as long as ppl will keep RMT without harsher punishments, they will RMT, bots still exist, prices increase so we can “squeeze” the RMT’ers, the game is slowly dying.
I also agree to gear resets/gold on minus.

This game has a lot of potential but as long as will keep allowing certain stuff it will totally die on the launch of new MMOs (TaL, AoC, ecc).
I personally was able to make a 7 char roster with all of them at least 4x3 (main 5x3), decent gems (especially on main), decent stats and buying legendary books for my main for ~200k. I maybe spent 50-100€ total (mostly on aura and that battlepass) and i mostly was unlucky with the honing - main and alts.

This honestly starts to hurt lately when looking at the prices of everything and taking into consideration the gatekeeping and all the stupid FOMO ppl are getting into. At the launch of Kuku they will most likely ask for "exp only, 6x6, 1.9tdi, premium class tickets or private Jett, at least 6 figures in the bank acc).
Meanwhile if you look at g2g pages there are over 100m gold there waiting to be bought…and it’s fkin sad and frustrating.
We keep giving ideas and feedback and I honestly feel like Smilegate doesn’t care, meanwhile AGS is applying the limited (being only the publisher) and obsolete measures that bots are currently bypassing.

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