Suggestion to be implemented in the future in the events calendar and sent to Smilegate

I have a suggestion for Smilegate that I send here since I do not know Korean :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that many of those here are new in the game but anyone who already plays on other servers knows what I’m talking about. So when the game is released and with more players I will probably talk about it again.

As you know this game has a calendar of events that we have access to after lv50.

In the game it is important to make friends with NPCs (dancing, talking, playing music, giving gifts), so that we are compensated with items that some of them are quite useful for the status of our character.
These NPCs have a birthday date.

I suggested that this birthday date be put in the calendar of events of the game and say which NPC. All players who were to give a gift that day receive 2x more points than on a normal day.

I think this would make an interaction between the player and NPC more dynamic and fun :grinning:

Peace :pray:


Hmmm. I’m not sure I want to track 60 (maybe more ?) birthdays in my calendar and have another thing to min-max, it’s already such a grind to raise rapport and the calendar is really rich in content - I know you can filter stuff but still.

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I knew about the afinitty system but i didnt know it was that important… I thought it was something like BDO. Nonetheless I think its much better to do this with our own hands, it feels more comfy, and from what ive seen, the calendar has already a tons of stuff.
I remind when hitting 50 everything whooped on my shoulders all of a sudden and I didnt even know what most of it was, because the leveling didnt explained shit

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I understand your point of view and it seems fair to me.

But remember, not all 60 NPCs have birthdays on the same day or the same month.
So the information would not be so “intense”.
And it’s like you said, there is the filter that you can turn on or off


Yes it’s quite important ; you’ll get runes, skill potions, engravings, cards, other collectibles which unlock more skill potions and other good stuff.

Also the issue with the birthday being double progression, is that it’s another mechanic that forces you to log in that day and do a specific task, which the game is already full of. But it’s true that RP or immersion wise, that feature would really make sense. And it’s not like you would miss anything by not logging in, since it’s just a bonus to get if you can (that’s me playing the offense and defense).

I think this sounds like a lovely idea. I didn’t know rapport was that important. I mainly thought it to be a funny feature.

@Kyun I’m not sure I agree with your argument. The feature requested is simply a feature of quality of life. I agree that there is a lot of stuff in this game that you can spend time on. I don’t necessarily feel like all of the stuff in this game has to be min maxed. That could be your playstyle and all the power to you if that’s the case.

My point, however, is that if you want to min max stuff and you feel like you should min max this too, then wouldn’t it be nice to have an easier way to remind you of this min max task? Adding a feature to make birthdays easier to see/remember would simply make it easier to actually do that content. It doesn’t add the content. The content is already there, you’re just not doing it.

EDIT: Mind you, I was completely new to this game last beta. I have only ever seen the calendar empty. There’s definitely a possibility I’m going to regret these words once I see the normal calender in a live game, but just wanted to toss in my 2 cents.

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It’s not just QoL but a new rapport feature where you get 2x rapport on birthdays and a QoL feature on top because it would be impossible to track otherwise. It’s not about min-maxing but adding to the “It’s better to log in every day / special days” feel.

That’s a fair example. I’ve never really been triggered by stuff like that. I usually don’t plan my gaming sessions. I just either log on or not. And if I do I generally have no plans on what to do. To me the feature is more of an “oh I can do this today, nice”.

But I guess it can make people feel like they must log on. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

That’s nice to be able to think like that. When I log in and do whatever I want in-game and skip a daily or an event like the birthday proposed here, I feel I missed out or fucked up somehow :confused: Probably an issue worth investigating for my “betterment”.

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Hahah. In a way it’s nice. It’s got some downsides too. I suck at planning daily life and that makes stuff fairly chaotic. The upside is that I don’t worry about dailies in a game I guess :smiley: .

And hey! You made the first step towards betterment! :slight_smile: Recognizing something can be different is huge! :slight_smile: and all that because we simply shared some opinions on a forum. Stuff is amazing

EDIT: Oh, and it’s okay to be happy with yourself anyway! :smiley: Just to put it out there

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