Suggestion to change some interactions with objects for quest/tome items

Lost Ark is a grind. Right down to the grind, it is a grind, that is what i love about it, always something to do, that being said, not all of those things are exactly “fun”. I would have to say that part being any quest, food recipe, or tome that requires the player to interact with something in the over world, to receive an item. Usually the rates are very bad for getting the ‘rarer item’ which is AWESOME! That is not the issue still!

The fact that you can sit there clearing a pack of mobs, to have a random player approach the object, and it be gone for you, is beyond understanding of any function or reason. Why are these things not unique to each player? The odds are still incredibly insane that you will ever get the items, but then at least you no longer have to fight with your fellow players for the opportunity at a small chance to receive the item needed. None of it is tradable off roster, i cannot understand the logic behind this functionality, especially when everything else in the game is quite an enjoyable grind!

Would hope you take this suggestion as an honest feedback and not as a complaint, please keep this in mind for future content to keep the environment enjoyable for all players :slight_smile: