Suggestion to devs - End Game problems regarding new characters

Hey guys!

I recently spoke with some content creators for the game regarding an issue that I had thought about regarding new characters and end game gear and they seem to agree.

As you all know you cant really funnel Shards from alts, Island content is once per roster, some quests are once per roster.
That means that your first run ain’t gonna take much time to get to T3 gear and content as long as you exghaust every material possible.

Now here is the problem, a new character gets released or you simply decide that you fell in love with a different class and you have T3 gear, however that is a problem now because you have used all the materials that are once per roster to make yourself get to T3 without spending months or year or even more depending on how much time you have to play.

It will take you 4-10 times longer (it’s a large range as it depends on many variables) to get to T3 on a new character once exghausting all those methods , which essentialy makes all the time and effort you put in are null unless you stay with that initial character.

Now I would love if there would be a solution, such as doing islands multiple times per roster just 1 per character so you cant use that to uber farm main and it will take you almost the same time to get there as it took you with your main just on an alt.

A big problem that helps making it so hard is that you cannot transfer shards making it impossible to funnel shards from alts to main and vice verse I wouldn’t be able to transfer shards from main to alt if I do decide to switch.

now that’s just an idea I don’t know what is the best solution, it’s just sad to think that the only viable solution is to open a new account for a new class when there shouldn’t be much reason for us not to be able to just transfer the same level gear to a new character as we already put the time and effort getting there.

Let me know what you guys think and I do apologize for any English mistakes as it’s not my mother’s tounge.