Suggestion to implement WASD as an option. Immortal showed that it's a good system

ya’ll running out of things to complain about kekw

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WASD movement compared to mouse movement is like comparing a disabled person to an olympic athlete, it’s not gonna be fun doing legion raids when you’re limited in mobility no matter how “fun and easy” it may be.

I tried it out, and from a mobile standpoint, it is a really nice game. I’ve always had hatred for touch controls, but they made it work pretty well. Being isometric probably helps, and it also lends credence to the possibility that a Lost Ark mobile game will be coming soon as well.

As for the p2w, I found it quite similar. Well the Diablo game certainly feels more pushy and in your face with the purchases, that is definitely true. But how p2w feels and how you get rewarded or punished if you spend or not feels pretty similar.

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You CAN use WASD but you don’t have to. If you think clicking is better that’s great, go ahead.

Hello, you can play WASD movement in lost ark with:


Totally fine and works very well with my blaster. I also have 3 skills on my mouse.

All my skills are on (QWERTZ keyboard):
Q-E-R-Y-X-C-F and the thumb1 button (i have to use my mouse for that one).

The only major problem is: if you have a QTE phase, it’s better to have an xbox controller near you to do it.

I play like that since the launch of lost ark

I hope this gonna help you.

“I won’t play Immortal”

“It’s free, go see for yourself.”

So you didn’t even try it to see it’s worthwhile? Just spitting guesses?

Go back to your diablo immortal mobile game. This is lost ark not diablo. If you want to play a mobile game might as well play nino kuni crossworlds. Hey nft mmo is the future. Might as well try it


This the guy you see key turning in WoW pvp 100% WASD so gud!

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Diablo immortal


Nino kuni CrossWorlds

They are the same bull%%%t



In Lost Ark the skills are aimed where your characters facing.

What !?

Skills are aimed at your cursor. There may be some exceptions but most skills do, really.

Since nobody looked beyond the diablo immortal words I think the style you’re talking about is commonly called twin-stick shooter.

Bullet-hell type games use it a lot (Touhou, Beat Hazard, suppose it goes all the way back to Asteroids.)
Supergiant games use it (Bastion, Transistor, Hades)

whoever plays ANY Diablo with WASD lost control over his life.

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ITT; I’ve never played an isometric ARPG before. Using a mouse is hard.

is old and best way to play, this why lost ark and other good games use this.
We’re not playing WoW mate.
Btw is a sh1tty mobile game, in 1 month ppl gonna delete the game lol

What’s next tab targeting?

Lol you expected people to have basic reading skills here? I admire your initial optimism.

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WASD is so Bad, i dont like it in like WoW, its so much waste of keys you could use for Skills. 8Skills+wasd would be so bad to use.

And my skills shot at my Mouse direction.
And autorun follows my mouse.

Wasd can stay in Shooters.

Diablo Immortal basically has a dual-stick controller movement scheme option, which is objectively better than a single-stick movement scheme. That’s on a controller though. The moment you get rid of 360 analog movement and replace it with WASD it gets kinda clunky when your playing an isometric or top-down game.

Not sure if I would ever want that for LOA on keyboard an mouse. Might be cool for controller though.