Suggestion: Una Token Exchange

The current options for una token exchange is only limited to RNG gold boxes that arguably is one of the few critical sources which provides most of the illegitimate gold being used by bots to fund their G2G/RMT activities.

Current Scenario:
The average gold supposedly earn from weekly una token exchange is 3000-4000g
There is supposedly 100,000+ bots.

100,000 bots x 3000g = 300,000,000 avg gold being generated weekly
1 legitimate player x 3000g = 3,000 avg gold being generated weekly

Remove the option to exchange weekly una tokens for RNG gold boxes, but for a bound item equivalent that would be appropriate for exchange for the given amount of una tokens.

Some desireable items to exchange weekly una tokens for would be…

  1. Pheons
  2. Honing Material Boxes
  3. Honorstone Boxes
  4. Destruction/Armor stone Boxes
  5. Random Legendary Engraving Box
  6. Legendary Class Engraving Box
  7. Legendary Card Packs
  8. Boxes of Blue Crystals
  9. Etc

The implementation of this suggestion is only a step in the right direction to assist in not only combating inflation, discouraging the mass continuation creation/abuse of bots, but also redirecting the game in a better direction.

Leaving the current una token exchange alone is a horrible decision and a cancer to the game imo. It only allows bots to abuse and benefit from it than individual legitimate players who only get average around 3,000 gold per week from it.

No thanks.

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could just make the una gold perma bound gold, its not a huge part of your weekly gold so just having that gold set aside for honing and shit shouldnt matter at all

I agree that it isn’t a huge part of weekly gold, but I think it would prob be easier for them to simply replace the RNG gold boxes options with other options than trying to create bound gold which may cause conflicting errors