Suggestion when deciding on compensation

To keep a reasonably fair and awarding compensation please keep in mind the difference between US and EU in this “extended maintenance”. EU should receive a substantially bigger compensation due to missing a whole day of the week, that’s at least 12 Chaos dungeons, 12 guardians for anyone remotely serious in-game, all the missed time in the stronghold, and a gold daily island not to mention the pressure of having to do everything with one day less. All this while the US servers will be up (maybe, hopefully for them) by the time they’ve had dinner.

IMHO I understand where you are coming from, but there are definitely individuals with different work schedules in NA that have missed out on an entire day based on their schedule.

While that may be the exception, many people have lost raid times with their static, gold island, fill in the blank etc.

Whatever compensation comes I won’t be complaining and still playing the game, but this is a big deal for people everywhere that play the game daily.