Suggestion/Feedback on Guild Requests

Remove the re-roll option and enable an option that allows specific guild request tasks to be chosen.

For the past 5-6 months, the main guild request tasks that are done are almost always boss rush, cube and hazardous waters across majority of guilds. Doing boss rush and hazardous waters are fine across multiple characters in guilds. However, I think a majority of people would appreciate not having to do cube guild request task over 6 times per week which takes up maybe around 1 hour

Maybe your data will show that majority of guilds/players do not do the following guild requests or that activity in these tasks are declining so only more incentive to remove re-rolling and enabling choice to choose which guild request to tackle on per week

  • no life skills now that farm is out
  • no plat fields
  • no buoy
  • no floatsam
  • no pvp

Heya @Phoducer! We appreciate the feedback, I will forward your suggestion to the Development team.