Suggestion/Possibly help a guy out

I had no idea that the Lobster Dish you get from the Peyto is only timed for 20 minutes. I spent 75k providence stones on them, didn’t realize i was about to hit the cap on daily gifts. When I realized that, i also noticed the 20 minute timer on these bad boys. Maybe some kind of heads up other than “Will keep for less than a day” would be nice. Dont know if you can refund the stones for the remaining 21 lobsters i have. I would appreciate it. But if you can’t, please just take my suggestion into consideration.

Purchase made by Porandus on America NW server, Mari. Lobsters currently expiring in Mirameyu (another alt) bags.

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oh~my~ thats a lot of lobsters u have bought there~ I hope whoever u r about to give the lobsters to is not allergy to seafood. also, too much seafood might cause diarrhoea too~

PS. try to open a ticket to GM, which might help u more rather than posting here.

I appreciate the advice. Not REALLY looking to get the stones back. Not sure if they can even do that. But I figured I would at least post it in a place for suggestions so maybe they can tweak the description on the item to relay the 20 minute timer. So fools like myself might not accidentally screw themselves for not knowing.

sry, dude, in case u dont know, this section is most ignored place by forumn admins

Post a ticket in with AGS support, id like to assume it might have been just something overlooked. Sorry for the loss of the stones… rip. Thanks for the advice tho.

Lol. Fair enough.