Suggestions About Engravings

Hello everyone;
Did you notice that there is something wrong with the engraving system? Especially the skill book part.
Some skills are good, but most are weak or useless. However, we only have 2 skill slots. So a good skill book is very expensive, but another is worth nothing. Isn’t it wrong?

But what if we add small passive features to the engraving skills that we do not use? I’m just thinking.

Hey ! I also thinks most of them are useless, but are they really useless for everyone. What I mean by this is that beside the main dps engravings that most classes would play, you have some niche dps ones such a balance or barricade for gunlancer. A lot of them might also be a quality of life ones such as MP ones for instance, and this is where your point might be useful, to have a little extra that wouldn’t be gamebreaker but you helps a bit but way less then a good engraving.

You can also include the ones you’ll end up using in GvG or open PvP, maybe some people do enjoy having a special build with unusual engravings and therefore don’t need to have something else to be relevant by themselves.

Another point, is that by creating a larger pool of engravings it makes the other ones maybe less likely to be obtained and therefore creates more demand then supply (this is not a real point since you could tweak the in game drop rate to make it match the same demand/supply) and therefore gives you a good feeling then you get one. For me, those engravings are like the stats on any piece of jewelry.

There’s nothing wrong you just use different engravings for different things