Suggestions About RMT

As we know the RMT is ruining the game, they use scripts run lots of accounts to gather gold and transfer it to their “main account”,then sell the gold to other players. It’s hard to trace the source of the gold and may involve normal players. And ban the script also means nothing because they spend less to creat a new account. So how about we stop searching the regions of the gold and care about the “result”? here is my suggestion:

  1. set “cooling off period” to large amount gold transaction in auction and mail.
    “Cooling off period”, Which means players will not get the large amount gold from auction and mail immediately. The gold will be freezing 8 or 12 or 24hours by auction house. During the period, “auction house”can use any technique to trace the source of gold and make sure the buyers are normal players or not. If buyers fail the check, then sellers can’t get the gold and get warning by auction house. The gold will be freezing all the time.
  2. Check the uncommon transactions in auction house.
    I always see lots of T2 gems selling at 20k or more gold in auction house.( I wonder why because I never sell it as this much, tried a lot of times)
    Pay more attention to the item’s price range. Especially those items doesn’t cost pheon
    Hope this will help lostark better.