Suggestions about RMT/Botting Issue

As we all know this is the top issue since the game had lunched, although AMG has done some nice work against it, but it still can’t be wiped out for few reasons.

  1. The free to play mode of the game provided infinite accounts to bots, the company can’t cut them off because some of the actions may damage real player.

example: Segregate F2P player from trade.

  1. The metho of fight against bots and RMT should be various, banning is not enough and hardly ever solved this problem in F2P game history.

example: ALL F2P game

  1. A healthy in-game economy system will help this issue, I think AMG should reconsider the gold inject balance about early and late game, because most bots are now farming those main line quest gold and it causes a really bad influence about the game, especially for the new players!

example: “Hello, I saw players running very fast, and my horse can’t even match with them, is
this some kind of class advantage?”
“no, they are bots”
“ho, ok, thank you”
log off, delete the game from steam inventory.

I know the upcoming patch is a really important patch and AMG used it as an advertisement to get old players back and try to inject some new blood into this outstanding game. However, the bots and RMT issue will make all those efforts cast to waste.
Therefore, I post this to the forum to see if any of my suggestions can be helpful to you.

  1. shrinking the early game gold earning, make it worthless to bot. But in the meantime, take off all those gold horning thing in T2.

  2. set maximum selling value about T1 gear, personally recommend 1G maximum. This will deny the gold collection of those bots from auction transfer.

3.set a random register timer about T2 gems in the auction, which now is used by those bots and RMT as another methos to transfer gold. (The point is to mess up those bot script system)

4.Monitoring those large amount gold flow, and absurd total amount gold flow in a certain period. (Such as 1 auction sell for 100K? 1 mail receive 100K?or account received insane amount of gold in a week?)
this will help you to find out RMT.

I feel this is a really important time for AMG to think about it, or this game could be going to nowhere.

Thank you for reading.

If we can’t have SSN as KR, this game should be paid (monthly).