Suggestions - actual advice

Greetings mods,

Emotions aside, which seem to be the dominant in the forums atm.

After playing for several hours I have a couple of suggestion that might make the game more bearable - would be great if you could pass these along to the dev team.

#1. Ingame chat translator - i’ve seen this feature in other games and it seems like a great one since not everyone know or willing (for some reason) to chat in English on the public chat (area etc). This could fix plenty of drama in chat over people not understanding each other resulting in a toxic environment that cant be moderated.

#2. Queue timer - A simple timer that would give players an estimate on how long they will have to wait in queue. Placebo if you’d like.

#3. Ingame GM announcements - hindsight 20/20, if you know that there’s going to be a maintenance in several hours. print out some big font messages ingame so players will be aware of it since not everyone check the website.