Suggestions and potential solutions to the problems highlighted in the Letter

Let’s try a different method now - usually i post threads with one topic in mind and they quickly get forgotten. Let’s see if we can get some traction with multiple topics in the same thread, kinda like how your letter covered multiple issues.


The idea is twofold:

  1. Implement a Rehearsal mode for every raid in the game, with no wipe mechanics, but give better rewards for completing them, as it’s obvious that almost noone does Rehearsal Kakul-Saydon and Phantom Astalgia. Maybe even let those modes drop gear materials, albeit at a 2x or 4x slower pace than Normal or Hard mode raids.

  2. Implement a Karma system (originally, this is Satashi’s idea) which would incentivize experienced players to help mokokos learn the raids and give reward tokens (let’s call them Karma tokens) which could be exchanged for meaningful progression items sort of like Mayhem and Phantom Mark do.

These two ideas together could rejuvinate the game, but if not, at least we won’t be hearing people crying how the raiding is too hard and how they are “forced” to do content they don’t like and which they consider to be full of toxic people.


I acknowledge that satisfying everyone here is a delicate challenge which could backfire. I myself am a hardcore f2p player who likes being able to do 2x of all, but I’m also a hypocrite in a way that I don’t do them daily, except for main. I usually do them on rested bonus, because let’s face it, what the community keeps spamming is the truth - there’s simply no time, even if you’re no-lifing in the game, to do all the raids and daillies consistently.

However, an idea has recently been posted which could serve as a template for fixing the problem - make the aura of resonance from 6 gold-earning characters stack and make it possible to redistribute them across characters however we want. When you think about it, it does make sense as a logical next step, if we’re talking alt progression and integration, as well as (and this I think is the key argument) because the mats gained from Chaos are tradeable already. This wouldn’t cross any BOUNDaries (pun intended).

Link to original thread: Use Roster to empower players!

This idea I posted is kinda a summary of the original post + discussion afterwards - ignore the roster level thingy (or don’t, if you see any potential in it!)

I’d also like to suggest some changes to the daily Una tasks, but I admit outright that I haven’t seen people share my enthusiasm about that (but you will know better what they want, you showed us that you’re listening and understanding) because at this point of this game’s life cycle, it appears they are rewarding us much less (materials given as rewards have dropped in value 50%+) at a point in progression which demands much more of them than ever (steep progression curve). I get very annoyed walking the same path doing Black Falcon’s nest, praying and praying to Regulus I won’t get interruped by the mobs as I do it, and hoping noone would interrupt my triport once I’m done etc, etc, that alone is leading to burn-out and I simply stopped doing Unas altogether because of it. Sure you’re giving us Instant completion tokens, but those are limited and only used when emergency calls for it (lack of time, extreme exhaustion or very important but hard to do tasks such as Fast sailling Eurus for example).

In the end of daillies topic, I just want to emphasize that to me doing 1x chaos is similar to doing 0x. I either do 2 (possibly more) or none. How the hell am I supposed to enjoy the two epic chaos dungeon songs you have which last for 10 minutes each if I only play it 4-5 minutes??


EUW is suffering. Sure the region is still alive, players are loyal and they are victims of the sunk-cost fallacy which prevents them from outright leaving their progress and making new accounts on EUC. However, that’s the only thing which is keeping the region from dying completely - the sunk cost fallacy. How much longer can such a negative phenomenom keep players from leaving? I don’t know, but i don’t think it’s much, as I think it adds to the burn-out and toxicity experienced in that region. Whatever technology you’re missing or problems the merge would pose, I know you and Smilegate are competent at solving. You are a subsidiary of one of the biggest corporations in the world ran by one of the richest people in the world.

If League of Legends managed to do it and other MMO-s managed to do it, so can you. It’s not even a question of your ability, we all know it. It’s question of your priorities. Sure, we don’t see the full picture as we don’t have the data you have, but all the data WE DO HAVE point to the merge being inevitable sooner rather than later.

Besides, if we are to ever catch-up with Korea, that should include the game health and economy, as well, and that’s not something you can artifically do with constant interventions - that’s something which should naturally arise from having one big united region instead of 2 vastly different ones.

There are no excuses here, I’m afraid. People have spoken and I know you know it. It’s code red.


Now this one, I admit, is a personal issue i got with this game. You can safely ignore this because it’s not a priority and noone speaks of them except for me at times, and I will still keep white-knighting this game, you and the devs even without seeing the changes implemented.

That being said, I’d like you to reflect upon them.

a) Make Abyss trade vendors in lower-tier cities updated to contain Tier 3 trades (Argos blood exchange for example). I don’t even feel the need anymore to type out all the positives this could bring to the game, but I’ll do it anyway:

  • We could chill in cities other than Punika knowing we have everything we got there. Believe it or not, not everyone likes the music and design of Punika. I prefer Yorn and Arthetine any time of the day.
  • This could lead to lesser traffic jams in Punika and distirbute the traffic across multiple tiers/cities.
    *it’s only logical. Like, come on, you can do everything in lower tier cities, but not exchange argos blood? What the …? It honestly appears the devs just forgot to add that option, nothing else.

b) Implement Covetous Fang exchange for Chaos stones. As it stands, we can exchange all the other Legion Raid reward materials for chaos stones EXCEPT the Covetous Fangs. I wonder is this just another thing they forgot to add or is there a method to this madness?

c) Implement silver to gold exchange vendor. This one is increasingly starting to be important. People can exchange gold for silver, but not the other way around - why is that? How’s that even fair? I know some of the arguments which go in favor of such discriminatory mechanisms, but let me tell you right now the biggest argument against: some players increasingly crave silver while having many gold (it’s pointless to discuss why that is right now) while some players always have enough silver but enough gold. So why would one side be satisfied and able to get what they need while the other cannot? Think about it. In the end, you can put ANY conversion rate you want and it’s up to us to use it or not.

1000 gold for 10 000 silver is insane to pay, but if people are willing to do it, I don’t see why we couldn’t exchange for example a 100 000 silver for 1 000 gold?

Maybe then the game would be less polarized and I wouldn’t be annoyed when people scream “GIMME MORE SILVER PLOX” while I’m sitting on 35 million silver and have no idea how to spend any of it. I’m literally unable to spend that amount of silver. I am AMAZED that people have silver problems. But they do, and somehow they are rewarded for it by havign an option to exchange gold for it, and I’m just sitting with all that silver, chilling, and feeling cheated on.

Thank you for listening and understanding :slight_smile:

Love the game and everything in it, btw. It’s just that I’d like MORE stuff in it as I think it would benefit the game.

But in the end, you know better as you have the data, so make your decisions and keep communicating them to us fairly.

I understand it’s not feasible to do it everytime. I understand that shard nerfs couldn’t have been telegraphed before, or their whole purpose would be lost (players catching up wouldn’t be able to catch up if top-lvl players knew abotu the change and sustained from honing as that way they would save up much more shards than the catching -up players would, thus snowballing the d ifference even more).

I understand you cannot advertise in advance bot measures and bans.

But some things have very good arguments on our end, with absoltuely no feedback from your end, and if you’re really determined to make it better, as your Letter would suggest, i beg of you, start with this thread :slight_smile:


After work I’ll have to read this, seems interesting.

Can you maybe add some pictures or pie charts tho?


I’ll take that as a joke insinuating this is a seminar or a scientific article of some kind xD

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That and I just wanted to bump your post :slight_smile:

But yes if I could have this session in VoD that might help


Thanks for advocating for EUW lads, appreciate that!

Other suggestions seem fair too, especially silver currency exchange.


I fully agree with a Karma system. One of the biggest issues in this game is there is absolutely no incentive at all for raid leaders not to gatekeep like mad. Even with a title, 5x3, and being overleveled, i will still get gatekept on fights i know for various reasons. If you don’t have the title, you aren’t even going to have a prayer at finding a decent group on most runs.

There should be a significant, high value reward (gold, gems, mats, skins, etc.) that encourages players to regularly help newer players with content to motivate a healthy game. It won’t stop the gatekeeping but it will at least create a space to keep fresh players welcomed.

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We were all like this at some point, but after getting wiped by players not knowing major mechs… Well, now I’m really carefull when it comes to accept random people into my lobby.

The issue isn’t with the gatekeeping itself. The issue is there is really no alternative. I’m clearing anywhere from 12-18 Vykas/Clown/Brel per week and i get it. When runs take 40 minutes instead of 15-20, it makes life really miserable.

If there was a reward for helping newer players that offset that time though, i think there would be space for that kind of gameplay.


Small point to add here. Theres a little disadvantage, b/c I for myself do a lot of basic learnings about a new class in CD and ofc Guardian Raids. This sharing idea would lower the amount of practise ppl get until starting into Legion Raids.
On the other side. I hate doing CD on my Bards but i love it on my Destro.

Not sure if this is exactly what we need. I am ok with than real “normal” mode. So todays normal mode would be like advanced mode, followed by hard mode and inferno.

But what I would suggest is to add several raid mechanics and/or pattern to Trixion? Not sure if it is really intended to harm the players to learn that only inside the raids. Maybe this would be ok, if raids would offer some room for learning. Ppl doing their “homework” don’t offer this room, to be honest.

Yes, in this case the easy mode raids might bringt this room. But who would use these modes when players get skyrocketted to hard mode gear score?

Maybe to prevent inflation by Lopang. There is a limit of 6 Gold-Earners per account. With such a Trade you would bypass this by alot more than raid auctions and bonus stages in CD can do.

Maybe some kind of silver vendors might be an idea. If I take a look at the silver cost of progression 35 mil. silver isnt that much. But if I reconsider what takes place if I “finished” all of my characters, then where will be a lot of silver I cant use.
Unfortunately the most of the game if connected with gold, so it might be difficult to find trades where silver could take place.

The question is, how to implement?!
The Karma idea is kinda good, but what are the details?

Lets say, you get your karma points for taking part in such an easy mode traning raid as mentioned. How works the karma distribution? Some static number per raid clear? This leads to gatekeeping. An amount per “new” player? Where to get all this new player to grab that nicely karma? An Amount if at least one “new” player joins the lobby? This maybe would increase the amount of time until a raid can start significantly and doesn’t help the new player, b/c he woudnt learn anything while carried through the content.

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This is true. I haven’t thought of that, but it does basically ruin the idea, yeah.

There’s lots of ways they can choose to implement based on their own goals for us.

And just because you’re carried, doesn’t mean you don’t learn anything. Unless you die first, but then again that’s why i recommend rehearsal cuz you learn mechanics without dying there.

People learn while failling and dying the most. Unfortunately, raids are extremely punishing because of toxic community without incentive to waste time while other people learn. Any way you fix this, it’s OK. Rehearsal mode, Karma system and Implementing raid mechanics in Trixion are all viable methods to combat the situation. Some are just more so than the others.

Here I totally agree. That situation is by far the number one problem of Lost Ark. The cause of that evil is the game design and we players are the devils advocates. To get carried and learn a very bit of the raid is technically ok. But to learn only a bit means the whole learning process lasts for several weeks. Weeks with mostly negative experiences and toxiticity.

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