Suggestions based on the first 3 days

After 3 days of playing, I have the following suggestions to improve the game for a lot of people:

  • Implement WASD movement for keyboard users. When the game was announced Lost Ark was compared to games like WoW and Final Fantasy, yet those games all have WASD movement. The game would play a lot smoother if this was implemented. I am aware that I can setup WASD movement myself, but I believe this feature should have been in the game cause it will appeal to a lot of people.

  • Polish the controller support. Currently playing with a controller is viable for most classes, but feels really clunky with ranged classes. The constant cursor on screen also makes it feel like controller support was not implemented properly. An option to switch between cursor mode and controller mode would help in my opinion.

  • Adjust hitboxes. It has happened on more than one occasion that I get hit by a boss move while not standing in the red area.

  • Increase camera distance. It would be nice if camera distance could be increased at least a little bit.

  • Add an option to resize radar.

  • Add an option to adjust or resize individual UI components.