Suggestions for reducing bots

As a regular player, the way bots affect my gameplay is through inflation of gold. I think this is the biggest effect. I can only earn so much gold from Una and abyss dungeons whereas bots can earn limitless amount of gold by creating new accounts and then use them to farm gold from rapport, masterpiece, adventure islands, and what not.

This has unfortunately raised the price of crystals which we desperately need for buying leapstones, una task +1, and rare card packs.

I would like to suggest that access to these easy gold from rapport, island quests, and masterpieces be removed or replaced, and allow players to receive gold by doing contents that are too challenging for bots to complete.

I am yet to see a bot in oreha dungeons and argos. Maybe increasing gold reward here and removing gold at low level / rapport could reduce the incentives for some of these bottings.

Also, reducing weekly limit on chaos dungeon and/or making the chaos dungeon mats bound to roster could deter players from using bots for infinite chaos dungeon farming.

Furthermore, i hope valtan patch would come with new currency for exchanging relic accessories, and now allow players to use the existing tier 3 infinite chaos dungeon currency for exchanging relic accessories. That would be really unfair as botters probably have insane amount of them saved up.

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Yea better remove all gold everywhere. Lul. The most gold they made is by lifeskills or just endless chaos.

Just do a captcha everytime U earn gold … that’s it

This would be a great way to stop botters from crashing a new market. Since no legit player got 10s of thousand saved.

Can’t you just add a Toy that makes a interraction to the hitted players that screw with the bots and let the community take care of them?

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lost bots ark need reduce bots

hahahah BOTS ARK

Think positively at least with the bots help Lost Ark is on the top list of steam for 3 month now. Amazon, Smile Gate and all the stakeholders should be happy on this.

The problem, botters run multiple instances on one PC.

  • Limit the number of runnable process to 1 on a computer / IP.
  • Protect the process in the memory.
  • You also can detect VMs by network driver, etc.
  • Remove windowed mode from the game. We can live without it, they can’t.