Summary of Lostark KR stream (Gold river retirement)

  1. Tripod system is getting an overhaul. They will make it similar to how engravings work so you can save and pick and choose. This work will take a long time because of the complexity
  2. Weather caster is coming in about 1.5 to 2 months from now. Be on the lookout.
  3. New hair styles coming up
  4. Shushure character models are getting taller
  5. Practice modes coming for legion abyss raids. Mario-abrelshud etc
  6. Collaboration with other Game IP studios. Just 1 for now out of many options due to tight schedule (many companies approaching due to NA popularity). This collaboration will be with one of the top companies within Korea.
  7. Gold river retiring due to health issues. Busy schedule has put a strain in his body and even in last LOAON event he had to ingest pain killers before heading out to stage. Elgacia will be his final work.