Summer Event only Kr?

Hey ive watched LOA ON,

im from Eu and was hoping for big summer event for eu / na…

but now on Discord, bot posts from official Discord this :

----KR 2022 Summer Event----

  • Maharaka Festival returns
  • 2 new mini games
  • “Run & Run Mokokos” Obstacle race (Fall guys)
  • “Tooki Blast” Water Balloon fight against
  • New swim suits/weapon skins and pets

so we get nothing ? just the 1k guardien 800 weapon stones +10k shards from vykas compensation?
No wonder that you get so much backfire when you post things like that. Same with Rewards for Kr Only.
I mean its on KR Roadmap not on ours.
pls dont take this personally but i want to play with my frinds minigames and finally have a cool summer outfit.


We don’t even have confirmation on whether we’re getting Summer skins during Summer, for the Summer event. lol.


yea its not even on our Raod map…

There will be a summer event starting next week, but we don’t know what will be in it.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to get the previous summer event, not this one but ofc they can only tell us what we’re going to get 1 day before we get it (if they don’t delay it)

They will get a lot less ppl worried about it if they changed their shitty sneaky hype aproach for a more clear and face forward one but hey, their busines intelligence is not to be discused.


what roadmap? :x

It’s really annoying… We can’t plan our time ahead

but yea theyre working better communication KEKW

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summer events like maharaka probably wont be till august

Roxx said there will be a summer event starting on the 30th, but we don’t know which content we’re getting

They said we’ll know on the 29th so you have plenty of time to prepare for the 30th :joy:

yeah i wouldn’t take that as THE summer event. She might have just ment an event happening in summer. Especially since the summer skins weren’t announced yet and those usually come with Maharaka

Or she might tell us to go outside and touch some grass. That’s our summer event. :frowning:


We’ll get the summer event sometime mid summer.

I mean if we get the inflatable hammer skin it would be well-timed with the mokoko skin :laughing:

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Looks like you guys are totally hyped for the mysterious event of NA. Hype marketing at work!

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for what a roadmap ?so people can plan with it when content is delayed and spoilerd 1 day before ?
korea got it on roadmap for july and we dont have it on roadmap on july. Thas why im asking.


idk @ this point it feels like when we dont ask for shit we dont get anything.
all we get for free is becurse of delay or server issues.
even the boxes they implementet wrong are coming back but only 1 time obtaineble.
KR has so much 2-3 events @ the same time + log in rewards events.
feels wrong to think on good content with friends or good skins, even the legy skins are not comin.

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Btw the lost ark discord is not official
unlike the amazon games one

We probably won’t ever get summer skins, because its too “lewd” and “revealing” for WOKE STATUS AGS.