Summer Event only Kr?

What about people stop talking bullshit before things happen?
Like wtf. 2022 full of nostradamus prodigies that can predict future.
Wait for the june update patch notes. If no event is there, go complain the hell you want.

ngl If they won’t release swimsuits & the soft inflatable hammer with the summer event I won’t spend any further $$$ on the game -.-

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Like how people talked bullshit and falsely predicted that Yoz Jar would be a problem?

And now those skins are permanently removed from our version of the game. :rofl:

Stuff on our roadmap isn’t even on our roadmap.

They dont know what they are doing in the next 2 weeks.

Id be surprised if we dont get the summer skins with our summer event. Will cost $$$.

We get summer event on June 30, pretty much confirmed by Roxx. However, no word about the summer swimsuits which most likely means we get bupkis. I mean all other regions get 8 different swimsuits each year for the summer event - 4 female and 4 male. This year all other regions will get 3rd different set of another 8 brand new swimsuits. But judging by the absurdly inept way AGS is handling skin releases, getting 8 skins at the same time will never happen. Especially considering the “booba” factor. No, enjoy the old Stern/Umar garbage that are universally disliked and people used to dismantle in the other regions to get materials for the Yoz Jar lol (which we also won’t get kekw).

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we gonna celebrate santa this summer

No,santa delayed content for next summer is my 2 cents.

where do you heared that? can you link the post? im too lazy

edit: nvm found it


girl :skull: do you people even play this game? if censorship is their plan, they’re doing a pretty bad job at it, punika’s a bit too raunchy then

idk why they dont post somthing like that in annauncements, everything we need to search in forum… ty Chiby

Going to go on copium and say summer event will be in July along with Arcanist release so they can milk the juice out of everyone, esp the re-rollers. Otherwise August/September roadmap we’ll get our summer events and goodies…

Edit: Nvm, we’re getting summer event June update next week according to Roxx. Saw this on Zealsambition’s youtube vid just now. It’s prob going to be an older version of the summer event though and not the one KR is getting.

I mean, it’s LOA ON for KR, and we’re not on the KR version… Of course we’re not gonna have this right now ? Are you guys stupid ? You want something new for a version ahead of ours and you want it right now ?

We can complain for classes, i have no problem with that, but are you really complaining for something that just got announced for KR, because we won’t have it on our COPY VERSION OF KR 2 YEAR BEHIND ?

We won’t be getting some of the things mentioned in LOA ON but some we’ll get most likely by the end of this year though. Such as tripod/trixion revamp, QoL, another class balance(which is set for August for KR I believe), and possibly some goodies similar to KR for our summer event which is very soon.

Think OP already got their answer tho, correct me if i’m wrong, as I believe they wanted to know what/when is our summer event since KR already have theirs shown to them while ours is dead silent for the most part.

I feel like they really need to get into the habit of announcing when big events are coming out since that’s typically to signal players to return in every other game. The normal events we get are like whatever though. No need to announce them outside of the patch notes.

If i understood correctly, the only thing we wont get is the Witcher 3 crossover, we’ll get the rest if the game is not dead.

But ye, i think you’re correct, we’ll get QoL and gear/balance change before next year.

Trust me I play and I probably have far more experience than you lol and I’m a dude

They said we’ll know on the 29th so you have plenty of time to prepare for the 30th :joy:

Yea the 29th… That will be the 30th around 1am for EU

I’m aware I’m EU central, you forgot the maintenance at 7am xD

clearly you don’t if you think anything is getting censored. or maybe you do and just don’t have any common sense.

The imaginary one