Summer is here, give summer skins

So today is officially start of summer which means we are allowed to start asking for
an announcment or at least confirmation that we will get them this summer.

My scrapper wants to tan, give us bikini skins Amazon.

Sex skins > Boobakiss


I’m signing this petition.


No no no that will be too much for you maybe chastity belt instead

yall need jesus

no bikinis this summer and i quit and im not the only one :slight_smile:


mid summer probably

yep, same.

need to get those ugly huge gauntlets off my scrapper.

Just curious because it seens a lot of individuals on these forums really care about pixelated breasts and are even willing to quit over censored or not released skins.

You guys virgins or like 12? Actually serious question

I dont see the hype around these skins when you can just look at real women

The June update is delayed because they couldn’t censor the outfits in time /s

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The more skin, the more justice

I mean, there’s something for everyone if you are into that kind of stuff.


I only care for gear and stats, not really skins. Rather buy clothes in person

Skins are important af. Suit yourself but dressing characters up is important in all MMOs. Why do you think they have skins and/or mogging in all of them?

Even weapon glow, people go broke for it.

Mid-Summer is in December, right?

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Australian summer.

for me is winter :grimacing:

Summer skins mean no skins at all, everyone “au naturel”…

It’s not only about summer skins if they don’t release them that means they will skip each seasonal events / skins which makes it pretty sad on top of all the drip feeding that we have on western version.

summer skins after mokoko skin only



Just add both. The mokoko suit is a gift that is sent out and skins are bought.

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