Summer skins...... But weapons?

So it’s nice to see that we are getting these summer skins, and the event looks like it could be fun, but I haven’t seen anything about the weapon skins. Are we getting these too? They showed the skins, the mounts, and the pets, but no weapons and no wallpaper. I wonder if that’s coming too?

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We are getting everything KR got with these sets as far as I can tell.
Would be suprised if otherwise.

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it be nice if they put more effort into the promo images for the skin lines. like every previous skin line we got, they only show the clothing but ofc we do get the weapons. just chill and wait for update

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Oh for sure. I know the general consensus in this forum is straight negativity, but thats not how I meant this at all. I just hadn’t seen anything on them and was curious. I want that destroyer hammer! hahahaha

Promo images? hell naaa we need promo videos of each skin set… showing every skin with different dyes

KR’s 2022 skin promo video for reference:

Also, the web page:

The difference in effort is uncanny. Still appreciate the double skin release AGS gave us though!

lets wait until its out before we jump to conclussions

Very glad we got lots of skins from various years, but i find the promo posters and the depth of the patch notes a bit lazily done. It might be because they didnt have more context from KR, i don’t know.

We dont know what those packs include, and the full scope of the outfit packs. We also have no idea what rewards we will be getting from Maharaka and from the Hyper express pass.

We will find out in a few hours, it’s just a bit annoying not getting the full idea of what’s to come beforehand.

Yeah, AGS isn’t really that good at promoting. Just like a couple images featuring the skins and not everything making us speculate if some are being left out or included but yeah, not shown.

costs them too much money. They only got a 20$ budget per patch for marketing