Summer skins ty

I like that you guys are giving us the stronghold research and removing jozs jar,
but what about finally giving us some of the cool summer skins? We keep getting very similar looking old skins that just dont look good. Maybe give us something like this…its summer…


No. We do not need this in NA.

Its to revealing and we have people who cant control themselves.

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UP. This is what the people really want. Step it up AGS give the people bikinis

The people who cant control themselves around stuff like this are called predators. We should not have to censor ourselves around people who cant control themselves


And we call people who can’t handle jar are gambling addicts.

People didnt want others tempted by it. So we have to rid other temptations to keep everyone safe.

Just need to wait 2 months after Arcana for Reaper and summer skins.
So September? :stuck_out_tongue:
(market search)

These skins are ugly as hell. You can take it, I need some nice fantasy skin - not mokoko shit and bikinies.

gawddamn i would definately put money into such :smiley:

I suspect we’re getting them next month with the summer event.

Go to casino if you wanna gamble

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No thanks, the EU/NA player base can’t be trusted to control them selves. Too much skin showing might lead to anarchy.

Then don’t buy them. The more skin options in the game, the better.

Yup gieb, need summer event… It’s summer after all

People didnt have to buy jars but got legendary skins removed. Least others have a reason besides having self issues or poor.

Summer skins would be dope: more skin variety the better so at least everyone can be satisfied/happy with the selection in the shop.

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SIMS Online skins, LoL…

wait. where’s the one that’s just a man thong?

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Go play Roblox if you are concerned with too revealing outfits.

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No thanks, I will play games that are made for people like me where I can decide to gamble if I want to :slight_smile: