[Summoner] Auto/Instant Cast Question

I can’t seem to do the animation cancel for Ancient Spear with the Instant Cast feature on, is it better to just leave it off then or is there a different trick I can do?

Oh and in case someone asks, the option is here:

for sorc and summoner it prevents the animation cancels from working so yes leave it off

idk if theres any other classes that it affects negatively


Its also not advisable for ancient spear since you might want to be precise with the direction to hit all three spears.

For something like sonic vibration it is very welcome.

True, it’s the only character I have it on right now.

I saw that too and tested it in Trixion with and without smartcast.

I have full lvl 6 gems and no swiftness as second stat. You are losing half a second with smart cast compared to animation cancel. So not a big deal since you wanna get back into rotation getting your gauge meter up :slight_smile:

The Problem is that you are locked in place at the end of the animation. You are floating. Meaning you cant even use spacebar in that moment to get out of a pickle.

Other than that if you have a burst window losing half a second can be the difference.

Even i who play CO want to cast an elemental asap afterwards sometimes.

Agree on the locking thing. Burst window i beg to differ since its random/encounter dependant. I dont know about CO but usually you have to reposition yourself anyway after the first batch of abilties since most boss encounters dont stay in place for 10 to 15 sec. Only like valtan maybe? But there again, most times half a second doenst mean that much :slight_smile:

Might be i think i save enough time with max swiftness to actually get another spell out immediately. Not enough experience with Master Summoner to compare.